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Status for blockdiag/3.0.0+dfsg-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
Fixed-remote-image-resouces.patch Changes remote image resource to local files from base packages. Kouhei Maeda <> no 2021-01-31
use-vlgothic-package-on-fullpath.patch Use VLGothic font file on fullpath for testing. Kouhei Maeda <> no 2021-01-31
skip-test_app_cleans_up_images.patch Skip test_app_cleans_up_images (blockdiag.tests.test_command.TestBlockdiagApp)

Not worki test why I removes remote image url on diagram.
So skips the test case.
Kouhei Maeda <> no
848748-exception-ignored-in-Image-del.patch Fix test failure with wand 0.4.1+
wand 0.4.1 added an Image.destroy()
( that
iterates over self.sequence (the frames of an animation) to free their
memory; this throws an exception on single images (where
self.sequence=None), but as this is called from __del__, this
exception is warned about then ignored
and hence is not an error in normal use.

However, blockdiag tests that use capture_stderr fail on any output
containing "Traceback", including this warning message.

This patch ignores this message to allow blockdiag to build.
Rebecca Palmer <> no debian
remove-one-assert-in-test_node_attribute.patch Remove one assert in test_node_attribute Thomas Goirand <> no debian 2021-01-31
rename-test-data-file.patch Fixes package-contains-documentation-outside-usr-share-doc for testing data Kouhei Maeda <> no 2021-02-01
0009-Add-support-for-Pillow-10.patch Add support for Pillow 10
Fix a bunch of breaking changes in a backwards compatible way.
Theodore Ni <> no upstream, 2023-08-05
disable-svg_sanitizes_url_on_error_test no

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