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Status for bochs/2.7+dfsg-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
local-config.patch Guillem Jover <> no
local-paths.patch Robert Millan <> no
build-use-jade-instead-of-docboock2html.patch Guillem Jover <> no
build-use-system-libltdl.patch Guillem Jover <> no
build-qemu-bios.patch Guillem Jover <> no
build-enable-iasl.patch Guillem Jover <> no
build-use-standard-flags.patch Honour standard build flags from environment Necessary for hardening flags. Guillem Jover <> no 2012-03-15
cross-build-1.patch Fix various cross-building issues Helmut Grohne <> no
narrowing-conversions.patch Ensure constants with the top bit set are unsigned
This allows building with GCC 10, which fails otherwise because of the
narrowing conversions.
Stephen Kitt <> no
rombios32-i686.patch Allow overriding ld and objcopy for rombios32
When building on non-x86 platforms, these need to be overridden with
the appropriate cross-binutils versions.
Stephen Kitt <> no
big-endian.patch Fix build error on big-endian platforms
BX_BIG_ENDIAN is tested with #if instead of #ifdef in voodoo_func.h,
causing the build to fail:

voodoo_func.h:1630:18: error: #if with no expression
1630 | #if BX_BIG_ENDIAN
| ^
Stephen Kitt <> no

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