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bogl (0.1.18-12) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
* patches: Switch to 3.0 patch system.
* control: Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.8 (no change).
* Use canonical anonscm vcs URL.
* patches/gcc-7: Fix build with gcc-7 (Closes: Bug#853335)
* patches/cub: Support cub blindly emitted by busybox.
Samuel Thibault <> no debian
bdftobogl-invalid-input Fix bdftobogl crash on invalid font file.

diff --git a/bogl-font.c b/bogl-font.c
index 5dbcec0..1fc53ad 100644
bold * Support enter_bold_mode. (Closes: #486933).
+ Thanks to Samuel Thibault for the patch.

diff --git a/bogl-term.c b/bogl-term.c
index e97d01d..d840642 100644
cloexec * Close-on-exec internal fds. (Closes: #512657).
+ Thanks to Colin Watson for the patch.

diff --git a/bogl-bgf.c b/bogl-bgf.c
index bb48cd8..1032028 100644
endian diff --git a/bogl-cfb.h b/bogl-cfb.h
index 8834477..d259722 100644
executable-stack Avoid executable stack. Patch taken from Fedora. Closes: #539775.

diff --git a/bowl.c b/bowl.c
index da2a3c3..f5e83f0 100644
exit Return exit code from process and update manpage. (closes: #258650)
Return 127 on exec errors.

diff --git a/bterm.1 b/bterm.1
index f80bfbf..8b96b99 100644
format diff --git a/reduce-font.c b/reduce-font.c
index aa0b744..7f9809f 100644
gcc-4 Fix FTBFS with gcc 4.0. Closes: #284741

diff --git a/bogl-font.c b/bogl-font.c
index 5dbcec0..ef26514 100644
high-bit Fix conversion of lines of glyphs with high bit set

(Closes: Bug#796034)
diff --git a/bogl-font.c b/bogl-font.c
index 5dbcec0..ef26514 100644
invisible commit 3fc8696fc20129bd1e7ba4f337aa82e834c10a05

Do not print invisible characters, ZWSP for Persian notably
Samuel Thibault <> no 2015-08-19
manpages diff --git a/mergebdf.1 b/mergebdf.1
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..6bab521
page_mask PAGE_MASK no longer defined on all arches.

diff --git a/bogl.c b/bogl.c
index 5b3a9f0..06a20f5 100644
sigterm * Add a SIGTERM signal handler which allows for a graceful exit,
restoring the vt state; thanks to Matt Zimmerman <>.
Closes: #379708.

diff --git a/bterm.c b/bterm.c
index 0a664f7..cbf69f4 100644
spurious-static-analysis-warning bdftobogl.c: Rework to avoid letting static analyzers think there's a bug
(Closes: Bug#737606).

diff --git a/bdftobogl.c b/bdftobogl.c
index 538498e..80fda82 100644
unsafe-format diff --git a/reduce-font.c b/reduce-font.c
index aa0b744..2f4d613 100644
warning Fix compilation warnings

diff --git a/bogl-cfb.c b/bogl-cfb.c
index 6c1ddeb..64d7d0f 100644
arguments * If a "--" argument is encountered on bterm's command line, terminate
option processing there and accept arguments after the command name.
Thanks to Colin Watson <> for the patch.
Closes: #528783.

diff --git a/bterm.c b/bterm.c
index bf2ef7b..d7b574f 100644
gcc-7 no
cub Support cub=\E[%p1%dD, since tools like busybox seem to be blindly emitting it. no
warnings no
no-common no
flags no
Better-quit-handling.patch [PATCH v2 1/8] Better quit handling
Previous SIGCHLD handler is not async-signal-safe because it calls
exit(), and it also doesn't save-restore errno. Using _exit() will be
async-signal-safe safe but will result in unclean quit. In the end, this
patch will set a flag variable in signal handler, then defer real
cleanup and quitting to main loop.
Zhang Boyang <> no 2022-05-24
Fix-out-of-bound-read-in-tcfb-s-cmap_lookup.patch [PATCH v2 7/8] Fix out-of-bound read in tcfb's cmap_lookup()
When bogl_tcfb_text() is called with bg = -1, it will call
cmap_lookup(-1), resulting in out-of-bound read, although the return
value is not used. Reported by AddressSanitizer.
Zhang Boyang <> no 2022-05-25
Fix-rightmost-pixel-of-each-line-not-cleared-by-bogl_vga16_text.patch [PATCH v2 8/8] Fix rightmost pixel of each line not cleared by bogl_vga16_text()

The bogl_vga16_clear() function use [x1, x2) as clear range, so there is
no need to minus x2 by 1.
Zhang Boyang <> no 2022-05-28
Fix-character-occasionally-disappears-from-right-edge-of-screen.patch [PATCH v2 6/8] Fix character occasionally disappears from right edge of screen

Sometimes when a line is full, the right most character disappears. The
is because term->xpos may equals to term->xsize and this condition
confuses some code. Reported by AddressSanitizer.
Zhang Boyang <> no 2022-05-25
Better-font-reload-handling.patch [PATCH v4 1/4] Better font reload handling
Previous font reload code will leak a mmap on each reload. This patch
adds the ability to munmap old font after reload. However, this also
introduces a bug, if font reload is triggered while drawing in progress,
after signal handler returns, the drawing code will continue to use old
font which has been freed, causing crash. So the munmap is temporarily
disabled until we fix async-signal-safety problems completely.
Zhang Boyang <> no 2022-05-23
Fix-incorrect-signal-handling.patch [PATCH v5 2/4] Fix incorrect signal handling
There are problems in signal handlers. Signal handlers must not call any
non-async-signal-safe functions, and they must save-restore errno if
errno is modified inside signal handlers. This patch fixes these
problems by deferring real tasks to main loop. This patch also
introduces bogl_signal(), which wraps around sigaction() thus signal
handlers can be installed in a portable way. Since signal related
problems are fixed, the previously temporarily disabled font unmapping
is now re-enabled.
Zhang Boyang <> no 2022-05-24
Font-scaler.patch [PATCH v5 3/4] Font scaler
Current fonts is too small to see on HiDPI displays. This patch
introduces a BGF font scaler, which can scale font glyphs on the fly
when loading. The scale factor can be automatically determined by screen
resolution or specified by a new command line argument '-s'. This patch
also adds support for BGF fonts wider than 32 pixels.
Zhang Boyang <> no 2022-05-24
Use-ioctl-FBIOPAN_DISPLAY-to-update-screen-after-drawing.patch [PATCH v4 4/4] Use ioctl(FBIOPAN_DISPLAY) to update screen after drawing

This patch introduces bogl_update(), which should be called after
redrawing to notify device to update screen. In fact, this should not be
necessary, but some buggy framebuffer drivers (e.g. i915 on skylake, and
some non-standard fbdev implementations found in embedded systems)
require an explicit notification after modifying screen contents,
otherwise modifications in graphics buffer will not be reflected on
screen. This patch uses FBIOPAN_DISPLAY to do this notify.
Zhang Boyang <> no 2022-05-23
Fix-crash-caused-by-invalid-term-yorig.patch [PATCH v6] Fix crash caused by invalid term->yorig
The SCR(x, y) may return negative value if term->yorig is negative or
too large, causing memory corruption and crash. There are two ways to
trigger this bug.

1) When scrolling up, term->yorig is decremented by one. If term->yorig
is zero, it can be -1 after the decrement, so SCR(0, 0) will become
negative, causing crash. Below is the test command:

bterm -f myfont.bgf -- python3 -c 'print("hello\033Mworld"); input("OK!")'

2) When scrolling down, term->yorig is incremented by one. There is no
check for integer overflow. When term->yorig is large enough, the
calculation in SCR(x, y) will overflow and it will return negative
value, causing crash. Below is the test command:

bterm -f myfont.bgf -- python3 -c 'print("\n"*2200000000); input("OK!")'

This patch fixes the problem by limiting term->yorig to [0, term->ysize)
so there will be no negative value or overflow anymore.
Zhang Boyang <> no 2022-06-10
SGR0-ul Fix SGR0 resetting underlining. Benjamin C. Wiley Sittler <> no
SGR-multiarg Fix SGR0 processing several parameters Benjamin C. Wiley Sittler <> no

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