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Status for cargo/0.66.0+ds1-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
2003-workaround-qemu-vfork-command-not-found.patch no
2200-workaround-x32-test.patch yes upstream
2002_disable-net-tests.patch Disable network tests Ximin Luo <> invalid
disable-fs-specific-test.patch =================================================================== no
0003-tests-add-missing-cross-disabled-checks.patch [PATCH] tests: add missing cross disabled checks
cross_conmpile::alternate states it should only be used in test cases
after checking cross_compile::disabled(), which is missing here. these
tests fail despite setting CFG_DISABLE_CROSS_TESTS on i386, since both
the host and the alternate cross target would be i686 in that case.
=?UTF-8?q?Fabian=20Gr=C3=BCnbichler?= no 2022-11-19
cve/CVE-2022-46176-01-validate-ssh-host.keys.patch This patch is based on the upstream commit described below, adapted for use
in the Debian package by Peter Michael Green.

commit 1387fd4105b242fa2d24ad99d10a5b1af23f293e

Validate SSH host keys

Eric Huss <> no 2022-12-07
cve/CVE-2022-46176-02-add-support-for-deserializing-vec-value-string.patch commit 9f62f8440e9e542f27d60c75be38ac51186c6c32

Add support for deserializing Vec<Value<String>> in config.

This adds the ability to track the definition location of a string
in a TOML array.

diff --git a/src/cargo/util/config/ b/src/cargo/util/config/
index 6fddc7e71f..1408f15b57 100644
Eric Huss <> no 2022-12-09
cve/CVE-2022-46176-03-support-configuring-ssh-known-hosts.patch commit 026bda3fb5eddac0df111ee150706f756558a7b3

Support configuring ssh known-hosts via cargo config.

diff --git a/src/cargo/sources/git/ b/src/cargo/sources/git/
index 875dcf63f3..7efea43c3b 100644
Eric Huss <> no 2022-12-09
cve/CVE-2022-46176-04-add-some-known-hosts-tests-and-fix-comma-bug.patch commit 302a543ddf3b7621c2f10623862029d35fae7e3c

Add some known_hosts tests.

This also fixes a bug with the host matching when there are comma-separated hosts.

diff --git a/src/cargo/sources/git/ b/src/cargo/sources/git/
index 7efea43c3b..58e64e7913 100644
Eric Huss <> no 2022-12-12
cve/CVE-2022-46176-05-remove-let-else.patch commit cf716fc3c2b0785013b321f08d6cf9e277f89c84

Remove let-else, just use ? propagation.

Co-authored-by: Weihang Lo <>

diff --git a/src/cargo/sources/git/ b/src/cargo/sources/git/
index 58e64e7913..f272195306 100644
Eric Huss <> no 2022-12-13
cve/CVE-2022-46176-06-add-test-for-config-value-in-toml-array.patch commit 018403ceaf71e205dbec64698bb864f5e094aec8

Add test for config Value in TOML array.

diff --git a/tests/testsuite/ b/tests/testsuite/
index b1d07bb405..d1487833f7 100644
Eric Huss <> no 2022-12-14
cve/CVE-2022-46176-07-support-hashed-hostnames.patch This patch is based on the upstream commit described below, adapted for use
in the Debian package by Peter Michael Green.

commit 67ae2dcafea5955824b1f390568a5fa109424987

ssh known_hosts: support hashed hostnames

Eric Huss <> no 2022-12-28
cve/CVE-2022-46176-08-eliminate-let-else.patch This patch eliminates let-else usage in the code introduced
to fix CVE-2022-46176 as that construct is not stabalised in
the version of rustc currently in Debian.

It was written specifical for Debian by Peter Michael Green.


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