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Status for castle-game-engine/7.0~alpha.2+dfsg1-5

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
Fixed-compilation-on-mipsel.patch Fixed compilation on mipsel This patch fixes a bug causing CGE not compile on mipsel architecture.
The issue was that on mipsel both CPUmips and CPUmipsel are defined by the

diff --git a/tools/common-code/toolarchitectures.pas b/tools/common-code/toolarchitectures.pas
index 905fa46..9ae4e07 100644
Abou Al Montacir <> no
force-unit-compilation-in-release-mode.diff Force compilation of units in release mode in order to avoid FPCtrying to recompile them during compilation of third party code.

Abou Al Montacir <> no
use_system_font_files_instead_of_embedded.patch Use system fonts, don't use the embedded copies. Paul Gevers <> not-needed
add_debug_info_for_powerpc.patch try to find out why the build fails on powerpc/ppc64=================================================================== Michalis Kamburelis <> no
dont-add-website-header-and-footer-to-doc.patch quoted from mail from Michalis: (BTW, when generating PasDoc documentation for CGE, using the latest stable
PasDoc, you will need to temporarily remove some PasDoc options from
doc/pasdoc/ --html-head , --html-body-begin, --html-body-end . They
were not implemented in the stable PasDoc. Eventually, I will release new
PasDoc to include them...)
Also the header and footer would result in privacy breaches if included as is.
So until that is fixed upstream, we agreed to patch in Debian.

Paul Gevers <> yes upstream
inkscape-dropped--export-png.patch =================================================================== no
fix-generation-of-man-files.patch Fix generation of man files. This patch allows fixing the gneration of man files after upstream removal of
a build script. It turned out that the rebuild of executables is not needed.
Abou Al Montacir <> no
77c97ef135eb5ad95c05d90edae11fa3d2863359.patch Fix installation after build. This patch is provided by upstream to fix fpmake to be able to install
everything, and be useful to instantfpc.
Michalis Kamburelis <> no
Fix-UTF-8-BOM.patch Fix UTF-89 BOM This patch fixes documentation compilation by removing UTF-8 BOM not
supported by pasdoc tool.
Michalis Kamburelis <> not-needed upstream 2022-10-07
f0fe0583dded3d0c27ae46fde59a00f58a777e46.patch FPC has Cpu unit only for some architectures, (not arm64/aarch64) This shoudl fix build issues on arm64 and ppc64el. Michalis Kamburelis <> no
Replaced-web-baseed-jquery-by-local-version.patch Replaced web baseed jquery by local version Lintian doesn't like to use web based jquery.
We use locally installed verision from libjs-jquery.

diff --git a/doc/pasdoc/html-parts/castle-engine-website-base/node_modules/jquery-colorbox/example1/index.html b/doc/pasdoc/html-parts/castle-engine-website-base/node_modules/jquery-colorbox/example1/index.html
index 8f10b93..98bca68 100644
Abou Al Montacir <> no

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