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Status for cataclysm-dda/0.G-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
datadir_path.patch Change data dir to /usr/share/games Reiner Herrmann <> not-needed
dont_use_git_version.patch Prevent the git commit from being used as version string Reiner Herrmann <> not-needed
split-install-target.patch split install target into bin and data parts this allows installing binaries and data files independently Reiner Herrmann <> not-needed
test-directories.patch create directories needed for test CDDA and the tests currently require ~/.config and ~/.local/share to exist,
as otherwise it can't create its own directory.
As a workaround until the upstream bug is fixed, the directories are created
before running the tests.
This is okay for dh_auto_test, as it creates a temporary home directory in
Reiner Herrmann <> yes upstream
gcc13-keyword-requires.patch [PATCH] Rename variable called requires
As this is a keyword in C++20, it should be used
to name a variable.
Maxime Bouillot <> yes 2023-05-08
gcc13-dangling-reference-warning.patch [PATCH] Disable dangling reference warning
GCC 13 reports false positives of this warning.
Maxime Bouillot <> yes 2023-05-08
gcc13-cstdint.patch [PATCH] Fix build with GCC 13
Build was failing with:
src/translation_document.h:46:14: error: uint8_t in namespace std does not name a type;
Reiner Herrmann <> yes 2023-06-14
cleanup.patch [PATCH] Cleanup autogenerated prefix.h Reiner Herrmann <> yes debian 2023-08-15

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