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Status for cdtool/2.1.8-release-8

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
04_spelling_fixes.diff Fix spelling errors flagged by Lintian Stephen Kitt <> no
01_local_getline.diff Replace local getline func with local_getline. no
02_deprecate_build_date.diff The build date should really be irrelevant Santiago Vila <> no
03_distclean_remove_makefile_and_config_dot_h.diff distclean target should remove Makefile and config.h Santiago Vila <> no
05_cdtool.1_fixes.diff Fix cdtool.1
* Spelling: give -> given
* Remove space characters at the end of lines.
* Separate the roman part from the only argument of the macro "IR".
* Use macros instead of the escapes "\fX".
* Change '-' to '\-' for options.
* Shorten lines longer than 80 characters.
* Begin sentences on a new line when only one space character is in
front of them.
* Add space in front of a tab to get the formatting correct (troff).
Bjarni Ingi Gislason <> no debian
formatting-fixes.patch Fix formatting issues
size_t should be qualified with ā€˜zā€™. Increase label length to cover
all possible sizes.
Stephen Kitt <> no

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