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install-missing-files.patch Install missing files Thomas Goirand <> no 2016-12-19
Add_response_handlers_to_support_different_response_types.patch [PATCH] Add response handlers to support different response types
Problem description
The dynamic pollsters only support APIs that produce
JSON responses. Therefore the dynamic pollsters do not
support APIs where the response is an XML or not Restful
compliant APIs with HTTP 200 within a plain text message
on errors.

To allow the dynamic pollsters to support other APIs
response formats, we propose to add a response handling
that supports multiple response types. It must be
configurable in the dynamic pollsters YAML. The default
continues to be JSON.
Pedro Henrique <> no 2022-07-18
Add_support_to_namespaces_on_dynamic_pollsters.patch Add support to namespaces on dynamic pollsters Problem description
The hardcoded pollsters are defined by namespaces, so they
are instantied based on the namespaces provided to the
The dynamic pollsters, on the other hand, are always instantied,
independent of the provided namespaces.
To allow operators to define in which namespaces the dynamic
pollster will be deployed, we propose to add a new configuration
'namespaces' in the dynamic pollsters yaml configuration.
This configuration will support a single entry or a list of the
namespaces that the pollster must be instantiated.

Pedro Henrique <> no upstream, 2022-10-24
Add_support_to_host_command_dynamic_pollster_definitions.patch Add support to host command dynamic pollster definitions Problem description
Today we have some hardcoded pollsters that are gathering
data from running virtual machines through libvirt or
different programs running in the compute nodes. However,
the Dynamic pollster definition does not support this kind of
operations to gather data, it only supports HTTP Rest
requests to collect data. Therefore, it is not possible to
use the dynamic pollster definition to create a YML based
pollster that runs and collects data from Libvirt in the
compute nodes.
To allow host commands/scripts in the Dynamic pollsters,
we propose to add a new pollster definition using the
`os.subprocess` lib to run host commands to collect
Host/VMs data and store them in the configured backend.
This will provide more flexibility and make the
Dynamic pollsters able to be used in Ceilometer compute
instances as well.

Pedro Henrique <> no upstream, 2022-10-24

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