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Status for centreon-plugins/0.0~20221017-1

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0001-Support-plugins-not-located-directly-under-the-main-script.patch Support plugins not located directly under the main script
To avoid clutturing /usr/lib/nagios/plugins, all perl modules have been
moved to /usr/lib/centreon-plugins. This patch updates FindBin instances to
locate the plugins correctly.
Baptiste Beauplat <> not-needed 2021-09-08
0002-Use-tmp-as-default-location-for-statefile.patch Use /tmp as default location for statefile
Statefile are created by default in /var/lib/centreon/centplugins, which
might not exist on the system or standard users might not have access to
it. Using /tmp will allow any user to run the plugins.

To prevent other users from reading potentially sensitive information,
tempfiles are created with a 0600 mode.

This is a convenience patch to make plugins work by default with all
users. centreon-plugins already have a --statefile-dir option to
change the default if needed.
Baptiste Beauplat <> not-needed 2021-09-11
0003-Remove-unsed-intersphinx-links.patch Remove unsed intersphinx links
Those links trigger a network connection when building and are not used
anywhere in the documentation.
Baptiste Beauplat <> no 2021-09-11

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