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0001-doc-CMakeLists.txt-Disable-embedding-of-full-path-na.patch [PATCH] doc/CMakeLists.txt: Disable embedding of full path names in documentation generated by doxygen. (Closes: #991181)
Vagrant Cascadian <> no 2021-07-16
0002-Set_CMOCKA_LIBRARIES_in_package_config_for_backwards_compatibility.patch [PATCH] cmake: Set CMOCKA_LIBRARIES in package config for backwards compatibility

Projects using cmocka could have done this successfully from version 1.0 to
1.1.5 to build against cmocka:

find_package(cmocka 1.0 REQUIRED CONFIG)

and later


Modern apps should just "link" against 'cmocka::cmocka' instead like it's done in
examples already. To not break old builds (as it is the case with cmocka
release 1.1.7) we can put that modern target string into the variable
CMOCKA_LIBRARIES and thus trick old projects to just use that, keeping
compatibility until those projects explicitly use the modern version.
Alexander Dahl <> no 2023-03-17

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