Debian Patches

Status for codelite/17.0.0+dfsg-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01_remove-bundled-cppcheck.patch Remove bundled cppcheck from CMakeLists.txt James Cowgill <> not-needed 2022-02-21
02_remove-bundled-wxsqlite.patch Remove bundled wxsqlite3 from CMakeLists.txt files James Cowgill <> not-needed 2022-02-21
03_remove-bundled-universal-ctags.patch Remove bundled universal-ctags =?utf-8?b?IkjDpXZhcmQgRi4gQWFzZW4i?= <> not-needed 2022-05-07
04_remove-bundled-unittest++.patch Remove bundled unittest++ and fix unittest++ project file James Cowgill <> not-needed 2022-02-21
05_build-flags.patch Remove build options not necessary for Debian

Do not duplicate all the Debian build flags.
Stripping is done by dh_strip separately.
James Cowgill <> not-needed 2022-02-21
09_use-x-terminal-editor.patch Use x-terminal-emulator in preference to xterm James Cowgill <> not-needed 2022-02-21
10_move-helper-binaries.patch Move most helper binaries to /usr/lib/codelite James Cowgill <> no 2022-02-21
24_default_no_check_for_updates.patch Turn off automatic new-version checking. Debian QA Group <> not-needed 2022-02-21
25_shlibs-adjustments.patch Workarounds for dpkg-shlibdeps warnings
This patch gives SONAMEs to liblibcodelite and libplugin. This fixes the
dpkg-shlibdeps warnings and allows codelite-plugins to "properly" link against
libraries from the codelite package.

Converting the other libraries to static libs is ok since they are only used
by one library. It also reduces the final size and fixes some more warnings.
James Cowgill <> not-needed 2022-02-21

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