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Status for coolkey/1.1.0-16.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
spelling-error-in-binary fix spelling errors found by lintian Ludovic Rousseau <> no 2011-02-23
coolkey-pcsc-lite fix compiler errors using recent pcsc-lite Ludovic Rousseau <> no 2011-03-27
coolkey-cache-dir-move.patch Include patch for moving the cache directory to a safe location.;a=commit;h=ad9b6d26933ab3dfd88d42a571f7958c5b9588f8 rrelyea no 2007-09-27
coolkey-gcc43.patch Fix for gcc 4.3, bug#427666, rev. rrelyea.
Fix for gcc 4.3, bug#427666, rev. rrelyea.
no;a=commit;h=57d00878ae19f39b297c3dd410a791a54a50cd90 2008-02-14
coolkey-latest.patch Latest fixes for Safenet 330J and Gemalto 64K cards.
SVN revisions 73-77
Jack Magne <> no;a=commit;h=e23c66c534b9cef842bb74e373a1582684de2920 2009-09-15
coolkey-simple-bugs.patch Misc bug fixes. Resolves: #485032, #250738, #497758. SVN rev 81 Jack Magne <> no;a=commit;h=35fc0905e715f5851f0093726e1f5d5fd335e390 2009-09-17
coolkey-thread-fix.patch Fix coolkey thread issues
SVN 86

Fix coolkey thread issues:
1) Coolkey returned errors when ever thread safety was requested, even
though coolkey was thread safe.
2) Coolkey would hang if used with non-threaded applications which did not
link with -lpthreads
Robert Relyea <> no;a=commit;h=4099f2251ffdf1e8be0e96ede91183557ba1aaba 2009-12-18
coolkey-cac-rhl5.patch work with new piv-like CAC cards
* The coolkey package provides support for CoolKey and Common Access Card (CAC)
smart card products.

* The coolkey device driver has been updated to follow the new Card
Compatibility Container (CCC) specification, so that Gemalto TOPDLGX4 144K CAC
cards are now supported. (BZ#593017)
Robert Relyea <> no
0001-Fix-working-with-empty-certificates-in-not-zero-slot.patch [PATCH] Fix working with empty certificates in not zero slots. Vladimir Kravets <> no 2011-05-23
Handle-pcscd-restarting Handle pcscd restarting. rrelyea <> no 2011-07-13
coolkey-nextSize.patch Fix Firefox crash due to "Assertion `mOldCAC' failed" error Eric Reischer no debian

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