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Status for cpufrequtils/008-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01_add_cpufreq-aperf_manpage.patch Add a manpage mostly taken from the source code comments and
the command help output.

0001-Only-x86-has-cpuid-instruction.patch [PATCH 1/8] Only x86 has cpuid instruction Zhang Le <> no 2010-07-18
0003-cpufrequtils-aperf-Fix-MSR-read-on-32-bit.patch [PATCH 3/8] cpufrequtils aperf: Fix MSR read on 32-bit
The cpufreq-aperf command does not work on 32-bit systems. The reason
for that is a wrong count argument passed to the read() call. Instead
of the buffer size, the size of the pointer to the buffer is used. On
64-bit systems this just happened to work, because we need to read an
8 byte value and a pointer has a size of 8 bytes on 64-bit. On 32-bit
systems only 4 bytes are read, which then triggers the error path.
Frank Arnold <> no 2010-12-08
0004-i18n-Catalan.patch [PATCH 4/8] i18n: Catalan Dominik Brodowski <> no 2011-03-09
0005-cpufrequtils-sysfs-increase-MAX_LINE_LEN.patch [PATCH 5/8] cpufrequtils sysfs: increase MAX_LINE_LEN
larger sysfs data (>255 bytes) was truncated and thus used improperly
Roman Vasiyarov <> no 2011-04-25
0006-aperf-fix-compilation-on-x86-32-with-fPIC.patch [PATCH 6/8] aperf: fix compilation on x86-32 with -fPIC
ebx is used to store the GOT pointer when compiled with -fPIC, so it's
not usable by inline assembly.
Matt Turner <> no 2011-07-26
0007-po-add-missing-word-in-DE.patch [PATCH 7/8] po: add missing word in DE Dominik Brodowski <> no 2011-07-29
0008-cpufrequtils-make-NLS-optional.patch [PATCH 8/8] cpufrequtils: make NLS optional
Sergey Dryabzhinsky <> no 2011-08-13
10_build_static_lib.patch Build the static library archive even without libtool

11_dont_touch_po_files.patch Do not update po files upon building and installing binaries.
Use a separate target instead.

12_fix_typo_in_man.patch Fix typos in man files. no

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