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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
wx3.2-compat.patch Fix to work with wxWidgets 3.2 Scott Talbert <> no debian 2022-09-15
drop_incorrect_cppflags.patch Do not insert incorrect CPPFLAG for powerpc* Quoting Adrian Bunk <> from bug-report:
This whole compiler options block should be nuked,
it also creates baseline violations on amd64 and i386.
> This fix should also fix the FTBFS of ctsim on
> powerpc, powerpcspe, and ppc64.
None of these have AltiVec in the port baseline,
so that mustn't be done there.
(And ppc64el has it enabled by default, so no benefits from adding
-maltivec there.)
Barry Arndt <>, invalid debian 2018-04-25
improve-configure-wx-probes.patch Improve configure probes related to wxWidgets Determine wxGTK vs wxMac by looking at output of wx-config --cppflags
rather than probing for particular libraries, the names of which can
vary (for example, depending on the GTK+ major version in use).
Don't hard code --version=3.0 in wx-config arguments. That way the
user can specify a different version via alternatives or explicitly on the
configure command line, e.g.:
./configure wxconfig='/usr/bin/wx-config --version=3.1'
Remove probes for GTK and glib, which don't seem to be needed.
Olly Betts <> no debian 2019-08-01

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