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Status for cufflinks/2.2.1+dfsg.1-9

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
py2to3.patch Convert cuffmerge to py3, thanks to Cheng H. Lee,see Alex Mestiashvili <> no
boost1.65.patch Fix FTBFS, boost::tr1 no longer exists. Dimitri John Ledkov <> no
fix_gcc-7_ftbfs.patch Fix gcc-7 build issue, thanks to Jeff Epler <> Alex Mestiashvili <> no debian
0004-fix-m64-usage-and-lfs.patch Update to not force -m64.Just because the compiler supports it, doesn't mean it can compile
natively to it (e.g. on powerpc, you can compile -m64, but there are
no headers for it plus it cannot run on 32-bit systems).
Ben Collins <> no
0001-fix_spelling.patch Fix spelling Debian Med Packaging Team <> no 2017-09-05
0002-bam2samtools.patch bam2samtools Debian Med Packaging Team <> no 2011-12-02
0003-fix_includes_path.patch fix_includes_path.patch Debian Med Packaging Team <> no 2011-12-02
format-security.patch When building with --format-security (Debhelper 9 hardening) this patch is needed to build successfully Andreas Tille <> no 2013-05-22
lib_eigen.patch For some reason Eigen thinks that v.colwise().sum() cannot be treated as a one-dimensional vector, which smells like a bug in Eigen.
Jakub Wilk <> no 2016-07-12
fix_gcc-6.1_issue_in_liblemon_code_copy.patch Fix a build issue caused by an unmaintained code copy of liblemon.
Remark: Cufflinks does not build with the current Debian packaged liblemon.
If you want to try you can use the branch use_debian_packaged_liblemon
in the packaging Git
Graham Inggs <> no debian 2016-08-15
gcc10.patch Fix FTBFS with GCC 10 curwin is declared in different source file. declare it as extern
to fix multiple definition linker error.
Reiner Herrmann <> no debian
no_svnversion.patch Prevent that AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE is called twice Andreas Tille <> no debian 2021-11-02

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