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Status for cura/5.0.0-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
1000-exclude-fonts.patch Fonts should be packaged separately.
This patch excludes the installation of Open Sans,
so a system version is picked up instead.
A dependency on fonts-open-sans was added to debian/control.
Gregor Riepl <> no 2022-05-23
1010-desktop-menu-location.patch Adjust menu location of program

Add more categories to the desktop file to adjust where
Cura show up in the GUI menu.
Petter Reinholdtsen <> no 2017-10-08
2001-no-default-telemetry.patch no-default-telemetry
Debian 3-D Printing Packages no 2022-05-23
1011-disable-code-style-test.patch disable-code-style-test
Debian 3-D Printing Packages no 2022-05-23
0005-delete-TestDefinitionContainer-test-it-has-too-many-.patch delete TestDefinitionContainer test, it has too many failures Sebastian Kuzminsky <> no 2022-05-24
0006-delete-quality-profile-that-fails-test.patch delete quality profile that fails test Sebastian Kuzminsky <> no 2022-05-24
0007-delete-test_setUnknownActiveMachine-which-fails.patch delete test_setUnknownActiveMachine which fails Sebastian Kuzminsky <> no 2022-05-24
0008-delete-test_compute2DConvexHullMeshData-which-fails.patch delete test_compute2DConvexHullMeshData which fails Sebastian Kuzminsky <> no 2022-05-24
0009-delete-test_compute2DConvexHullMeshDataGrouped-which.patch delete test_compute2DConvexHullMeshDataGrouped which fails Sebastian Kuzminsky <> no 2022-05-24 install as cura Sebastian Kuzminsky <> no 2022-05-25

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