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Status for cvc4/1.8-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
00-timestamps.patch Make timestamps reproducible Fabian Wolff <> no 2017-03-17
01-disable-tests.patch Disable some test cases The regress* test cases disabled by this patch are absurdly large and
significantly slow down the build. They may be valuable for the
upstream developers, but I think for Debian's purposes, the
functionality of CVC4 is sufficiently tested by the other >2000 test
cases (especially since we're packaging an official release, which
has hopefully already been thoroughly tested before). Additionally,
the system* test cases don't work, not because of a functional
failure of CVC4, but because there is some error in their setup, so
this patch disables them as well.
Fabian Wolff <> no 2020-08-30
02-install-lib-dir.patch Libraries should be installed into $(CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR) Fabian Wolff <> yes 2020-08-30
03-remove-build-path.patch Remove build path from generated header files Fabian Wolff <> yes 2020-08-31
04-spelling-errors.patch Fix spelling errors found by Lintian Fabian Wolff <> yes 2020-08-31
05-fix-headers.patch The script doesn't work with DESTDIR Fabian Wolff <> yes 2020-08-31
06-disable-tests.patch Disable several failing test cases for now Fabian Wolff <> yes debian upstream 2020-09-17
07-bash-patsub-replacement.patch Fix FTBFS with bash 5.2 Jerry James <> no 2022-10-17

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