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733054_perl_518.patch Add Perl 5.18 compatibility. no debian
01_debianize_script_and_config.patch * cvsweb.cgi: Path for configuration files is /etc/cvsweb. This waschanged from /etc to solve #110181 (see This is also
better for having different configs for different repositories.

* cvsweb.conf (@CVSrepositories): CVS-repositories are expected to be
in /var/lib/cvs.
($iconsdir, $cssurl): We install icons and stylesheets into
/usr/share/cvsweb and create Aliases (see README.Debian or the examples
($show_author): Dont't show author (securiry by obscurity).
($mime_types): Use mime.types from the mime-support package.
<dl@leidi> no
02_allow_cgiless_execution.patch * cvsweb.cgi: Add support for CGI-less execution. See bug #247452at Martin Schulze <> no
10_483442_fix_perl_510_test_failure.patch Because of a bug in Perl 5.10, the test -x fails in search_path().Niko Tyni further mentioned, that the stat result cache '_' and
'use filetest qw(access)' don't mix well together. For this reason
the only way to fix it IMO is to use -X instead atm.

As soon as #483734 is fixed, this patch can be dropped and the
perl-dependency must/should be adjusted.

Daniel Leidert (dale) <> no
11_484158_fix_scriptwhere_initialization.patch Fix the "Use of uninitialized value $scriptwhere in concatenation ..."warning. Thanks to Joey Schulze for the fix.

Daniel Leidert (dale) <> no
12_484159_fix_character_in_c_format_wrapped.patch Fix the "Character in 'c' format wrapped in pack ..." warning. Thanksto Joey Schulze for catching this issue and the fix.

Daniel Leidert (dale) <> no
13_488109_nicer_css.patch * css/cvsweb.css: Align icons and text to look nicer. Improve headlinein diff page. Thanks to Joey Schulze.

Daniel Leidert (dale) <> no
90_extend_httpd_config_sample.patch Add aliases in accordance to README.Debian. one of the package maintainers. no

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