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Status for dahdi-tools/1:3.1.0-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
zaptel_perl Set perl installation path to vendorlib
Point DAHDI PERL modules to the right directory under which to install
perl modules.

(sitelib in Debian is under /usr/local. We don't want to install there)

Debian-specific configuration.
Tzafrir Cohen <> no
echocan_oslec Make OSLEC the default DAHDI echo canceller
Our dahdi-linux packages provide OSLEC, which is generally a better echo
canceller than those included with DAHDI. Thus we should make it the
default echo canceller in generated configurations.

Debian-specific configuration tweak.
Tzafrir Cohen <> no
remove_dahdi_speed Remove the useless utility dahdi_speed
It was useful long ago, but pointless now.

diff --git a/ b/
index d43ce91..09e4f12 100644
Tzafrir Cohen <> no
soname.patch add extra digit to library SO name: 2.0
Asterisk and various other programs were already looking for that SO

diff --git a/ b/
index 826a7ec..2afe476 100644
Tzafrir Cohen <> no
dahdi_spantypes.patch [PATCH] handle both spantypes and dahdi_spantypes in sysfs
dahdi_span_types and dahdi_span_assignments use information from sysfs.
As of kernel 4.13, the name of the attribute chnaged. Handle both old
and new name.
Tzafrir Cohen <> yes upstream 2019-03-02
typos.patch =================================================================== no
dahdi-tools-3.1.0-fno-common.patch Remove unused union names that break build
diff --git a/xpp/mpptalk.c b/xpp/mpptalk.c
index fdb34f1..8fb3687 100644
Jaco Kroon <> yes upstream
fix_install_paths.patch Change defaults for some install paths
Tzafrir Cohen <> no

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