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Status for dante/1.4.2+dfsg-7

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
rename-library.patch Rename the libdsocks library to avoid a conflict with libsocks4. Adrian Bridgett <> not-needed debian 2016-04-05
rename-programs.patch Rename some files - this is Dante, not the original SOCKS. - /etc/socks.conf => /etc/dante.conf
- /etc/sockd.conf => /etc/danted.conf
- /usr/sbin/sockd => /usr/sbin/danted
The changelog entry references bug #35187, but disclaims any
knowledge of it.
Adrian Bridgett <> not-needed 2010-07-01
configure.patch Adapt the configure script for the Debian environment. Always use Debian's libtool and
Do not add "-g -O2" to the Debian build's CFLAGS.
Peter Pentchev <> not-needed 2016-04-06
readme-functions.patch Remove the list of overridden functions; better to include socks.h Adrian Bridgett <> no 2010-07-02
config-users.patch Do not invent our own users, use "proxy" and "nobody". Adrian Bridgett <> not-needed 2010-07-02
linux-eccentricities.patch Fix the build on non-Linux architectures. - never build with the "Linux eccentricities" on Debian
- make the CMSG_CONTROLDATA() macro work and introduce
an lvalue equivalent
- add two more kFreeBSD tests in the configure script
Peter Pentchev <> no 2016-04-06
man-errors.patch Fix the manual page errors. - replace mdoc macros with man ones
- use minus signs instead of hyphens where necessary
Peter Pentchev <> no 2016-04-06
sa_siginfo.patch Only use SA_SIGINFO if available (e.g. not on GNU/Hurd) Peter Pentchev <> no 2016-04-05
cppcheck.patch Fix some cppcheck warnings. Peter Pentchev <> no 2019-07-16
dante-client-multiarch.patch Leave it to the loader to preload the correct ABI libraries. Teach dante-client to put only the library names into LD_PRELOAD so that
the actual runtime loader can figure out which libraries to load, taking
into account the ABI of the executable files.
Install the dynamic preload library as a full-fledged library, SONAME and all.
Peter Pentchev <> invalid 2016-04-07
standards.patch Support kFreeBSD and the Hurd. Peter Pentchev <> invalid 2017-09-27
typos.patch Fix some typographical and grammatical errors. Peter Pentchev <> invalid 2019-09-12
sendbuf-ioctl.patch Use a flag, not an ioctl value, for HAVE_SENDBUF_IOCTL The preprocessor throws a hissy fit if we try to check for
the truthiness of an ioctl definition itself, at least on PowerPC.
Peter Pentchev <> invalid 2016-04-11
signal-names.patch Make sure SIGPWR is not the same as SIGINFO or SIGLOST Avoid a duplicate case value in a switch statement on e.g. Alpha or Sparc. Peter Pentchev <> invalid 2017-01-09
path-max.patch Use a sensible value for PATH_MAX if it is not defined. Peter Pentchev <> no 2017-01-12

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