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Status for dart/6.12.1+dfsg4-13.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0008-fix-velocity-pisition-integration.diff Fix velocity and position integration for FreeJoint Critical fix for the simulation of wheeled vehicles in robotics.
All the information in:
yes 2021-12-20
0009-fix-skeleton-wihtout-shapes.patch Fix issue with removing skeletons without shapes yes 2022-01-10
0010-fix-grouping-constraints.patch Fix grouping of contact constraints yes 2022-01-10
0013-Deaktivate-assert-failing-with-Bullet-3.24.patch Deaktivate assert failing with Bullet 3.24
Jochen Sprickerhof <> no 2023-01-08
disable-skeltest-for-armhf-mips-x86.patch skel test fail hard on armhf, mipsel and hangs in i386 Jose Luis Rivero <> no 2022-01-25
fix-test_ForceDependentSlip-armel.patch Reduce level of precission for test in armel Jose Luis Rivero <> no 2022-01-16
0001-respect-ldflags.patch Replace LDFLAGS Inject LDFLAGS into compiler linker option in CMakeLists.txt Jose Luis Rivero no 2021-12-20
0006-remove-planning-flann.patch Disable deprecated planning module Planning module is deprecated and the flann detection is buggy.
Other packagers have also reported problems with C++ standard in flann
Jose Luis Rivero <> not-needed 2021-12-18
0005-build-type-none.patch Support CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE None Upstream does not support CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE None Jose Luis Rivero no 2021-12-16
0002-use-system-gtest.patch Use system gtest Jose Luis Rivero not-needed 2021-12-16
0007-fix-ikfast.patch Do not use postfix d in generated library Upstream assumed a debug library with d postfix if no NDEBUG flag is present. Jose Luis Rivero no 2021-12-19
0004-fix-pkgconfig.patch Fix eigen name in pkgconfig deps Jose Luis Rivero <> no 2019-01-28
0006-Reduce-test-result-accuracy-to-fix-i386.patch Reduce test result accuracy to fix i386 Jochen Sprickerhof <> no 2020-11-26

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