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Status for das-watchdog/0.9.0-5

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01-rc.patch Populate INIT INFO no debian Debian
02-makefile.patch Accept environemnt's compiler and linker flags. Alessio Treglia <> no
03-hardening.patch Fix build failure with -Werror=format-security Alessio Treglia <> no
0001-Fix-memory-overflow-if-the-name-of-an-environment-is.patch [PATCH] Fix memory overflow if the name of an environment is larger than 500 characters. Bug found by Adam Sampson. Kjetil Matheussen <> no 2015-04-01
0001-Fixed-memory-leak-in-bd20bb02e75e2c0483832b52f257725.patch [PATCH] Fixed memory leak in bd20bb02e75e2c0483832b52f2577253febfb690 Kjetil Matheussen <> no 2015-04-01
0001-Remove-duplicate-check-for-temp-i-0.patch [PATCH 1/3] Remove duplicate check for temp[i] == '\0' Adam Sampson <> no 2015-04-01
0003-The-result-of-fgetc-is-an-int-not-a-char.patch [PATCH 3/3] The result of fgetc is an int, not a char
Without this change, get_pid_environ_val would go into an infinite loop
when asked to find a variable that doesn't exist on a platform where
char is unsigned (e.g. ARM): fgetc would return -1 (EOF), which would be
stored as 255 in temp[i], which then wouldn't be equal to -1 when
Adam Sampson <> no 2015-04-01
fix-memory-leak-on-realloc.patch Fix memory leak on realloc Salvatore Bonaccorso <> no vendor 2015-04-11
no-implicit-declarations.patch add missing unistd.h include
Steve Langasek <> no debian 2024-04-09

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