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Status for dask.distributed/2022.12.1+ds.1-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
install-tests.patch It is far easier to run the autopkgtests if the tests are installed. Diane Trout <> no
override-worker-test.patch override-worker-test Debian Python Team <> not-needed 2020-12-26
reproducible-version.patch Use the Debian version for the software version.

I think this is a source of non-determinism
Diane Trout <> not-needed 2020-12-26
docs-use-local-images.patch Patch image links to use local copies Diane Trout <> no 2020-12-26
use-local-intersphinx-inventory.patch Use the inventory files from other documentation packages. Diane Trout <> not-needed 2017-10-12
use-youtube-nocookie.patch youtube-nocookie is a little more privacy friendly than regular youtube and is a minor change. Diane Trout <> not-needed 2020-12-26
use-local-favicon.patch Point to local favicon.ico file instead of referencing public url Diane Trout <> not-needed
mark-tests-require-installation.patch I was manually slisting tests that needed to be but that led to two different confusing lists in the debian/rules and the
autopkgtests because many of these tests would run after dask is
installed, but can't run while we're still buildling the package. As
an experiment I wondered if adding a mark might make this list
clearer and easier to maintain.
Diane Trout <> not-needed
fall-back-to-ipv6-localhost.patch On Debian Test runners the ivp6 loop back interface is available so dask.distributed thinks it has ipv6 access, but it
doesn't have a routable address so the lookup to the well known IPv6
address fails, and the hostname doesn't have an ipv6 address associated
with it so the fallback to gethostname() also fails.
This adds a further fallback to the name localhost.
Diane Trout <> invalid
skip-bokeh-tests.patch this function ultimately depends on bokeh so needed a skip Diane Trout <> no
skip-directory-test-when-root.patch Skip testing when run as root. Diane Trout <> yes
skip-pyarrow-tests.patch Some tests in this module need pyarrow, which isn't available in Debian. Diane Trout <> no
adjust-timeouts.patch Try to reduce random test failures Rebecca N. Palmer <> no debian
mark-tests-flaky.patch Mark randomly failing tests as flaky
(I don't know why they're randomly failing)
Rebecca N. Palmer <> no
skip-32bit-incompatible-test.patch avoid tests that do things unlikely to work on 32-bit platforms, such as request large amounts of virtual memory. Diane Trout <> no

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