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Status for ddd/1:3.3.12-5.4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
001_debian_paths.diff no
002_sensible_editor.diff no
003_data_path.diff diff -urN ddd-3.3.12/ddd/ no
004_userinfo.diff diff -Nur ddd-3.3.11/ no
005_gcc44_fix.diff no
006_unumlaut_fix.diff no
machine_code_window_fix.diff =================================================================== no
tinfo_support.diff =================================================================== no
remove_broken_ICE_MOTIF_DIALOGS_OWN_SELECTION_LIST.diff =================================================================== no
fix-ftbfs-gcc-9.patch Fix ftbfs with GCC-9
"If a friend declaration specifies a default, it must be a friend
function definition, and no other declarations of this function are
allowed in the translation unit."
Remove default values from declaration and change these functions calls
in the code to add default values if not overwritten.
Sophie Brun <> no 2019-10-01
007_reproducible_build.diff Make the build reproducible Chris Lamb <> no 2016-08-11

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