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Status for denemo/2.6.18-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Change-path-of-manual.patch This patch changes the path where the browser looks for the manual. See Debian Policy 12.3 and 12.4
(2022 update: Install to /usr/share/doc/denemo instead of
/usr/share/doc/denemo-doc for debhelper compat level 11 and up)
Josue Abarca <> not-needed 2014-08-17
0003-Use-full-path-for-testing.patch During the test execution using the full path to the binary instead of using a relative path, this allows one to make
builds out of the tree.
Josu Abarca <> no 2014-08-31
0004-Change-fonts-path.patch This patch changes the path where denemo looks for the fonts. Josu Abarca <> not-needed 2014-08-31
0007-Install-soundfont-into-correct-directory.patch This patch changes the path where the soundfont gets installed to the typical location in Debian. Dhionel Daz <> not-needed debian 2016-05-12
0008-Use-xdg-open-as-default-browser.patch Use xdg-open instead of firefox as default browser Anthony Fok <> no vendor 2022-06-18
0010-Migrate-appdata-to-metainfo.patch Migrate appdata to metainfo Move /usr/share/appdata/org.denemo.Denemo.appdata.xml to
/usr/share/metainfo/org.denemo.Denemo.metainfo.xml. Fixes Lintian
"denemo-data: appstream-metadata-in-legacy-location" warning.
Also, TODO: Fix "denemo-data: appstream-metadata-legacy-format
usr/share/appdata/org.denemo.Denemo.appdata.xml" Lintian error.
Anthony Fok <> yes upstream vendor 2022-06-19
0012-Move-icon-from-pixmaps-to-icons-directory.patch Move icon from pixmaps to icons directory See Anthony Fok <> no vendor 2023-01-28

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