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Status for dirb/2.22+dfsg-5

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
ext_vars.patch Correct invalid global variable usage Philippe Thierry <> not-needed
gcc10.patch Gcc 10 compilation fails Bug due to incorrect C file header protection (no preprocessing). Philippe Thierry <> not-needed upstream
html2dict_man.patch add man page for html2dic Simple man page as the command is pretty easy to use. Philippe Thierry not-needed 2017-06-15
gendict_man.patch add man page for dirb-gendict Patch written in gendict_src and added to autotool-based upstream procuction Philippe Thierry not-needed 2017-06-14
manpage_cleaning.patch Corrected man warning Updated error due to laxism in Groff macro usage Philippe Thierry not-needed 2017-06-14
spelling.patch Corrected various spelling error Correction after spellintian pass Philippe Thierry not-needed 2017-06-14
fix-bug-with-rootdir-as-home.patch Avoid infinite recursion when HOME=/ We do this by ensuring that HOME=/root when HOME=/.

diff --git a/src/resume.c b/src/resume.c
index 553d461..b52df43 100644
Raphaƫl Hertzog <> not-needed
fix-usage-examples.patch Fixed the usage examples.Origin:;a=commit;h=2db13759f587816784a149dd3c20dbaded6e0957
not-needed 2017-09-13
path-as-is.patch Support for path squashing deactivation=================================================================== Mathieu BAEUMLER <> not-needed upstream
client_cert.patch Support for client certificate Permit one to use a client-side certificate through a dedicated
Mathieu BAEUMLER <> not-needed upstream

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