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Status for docbook-xsl/1.79.2+dfsg-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
638570_lang_russian.patch Fixes for russion translation. "Andrew O. Shadoura" <> invalid debian 2020-06-02
681116_multiarch_manpage_template.patch Omit any date to the output file to handle

source files not setting a date/pubdate as quick solution
to #681116 to get a consistent manpage output in multiarch
enabled packages independent from the build-time.

Ideally we should be using SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH instead of
dropping date/pubdate at all and this should be fixed in
future releases.
Daniel Leidert <> no debian 2020-06-02
831831_docbook-xsl-mandir.patch Fix bad .so links in man pages Michael Biebl <> no debian 2016-09-07
765567_non-recursive_string_subst.patch use EXSLT "replace" function when available
A recursive implementation of string.subst is problematic,
long strings with many matches will cause stack overflows.
Peter De Wachter <> no debian 2020-06-02
0005-catalog.xml-Compatibility-with-1.79.1-or-earlier.patch catalog.xml: Compatibility with 1.79.1 or earlier
The docbook-xsl project changed the canonical URI since 1.79.2.
Besides changes made in debian/*.xmlcatalogs files, this patch
completes the support of the old URI so that existing software
does not break with changed registered URI.
Boyuan Yang <> not-needed 2020-06-02

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