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0001-test_tree-Move-test_unicode_char_-to-use-a-different.patch [PATCH] test_tree: Move test_unicode_char_* to use a different UI element

In gedit 3.35, the "Open" button was re-designed to no longer have the
"Other Documents…" button inside it.

Move to testing the (hamburger) menu button instead, as it has an item
"Find and Replace…" which we can look for instead. This works on
pre-3.35 gedit too.
Iain Lane <> yes 2020-02-28
python3_vs_python2 fix python3 issue for python2 Debian package
Until we've dogtail + python-dogtail + python3-dogtail
packages the python-dogtail package just ships python2
Michael Prokop <> not-needed vendor
0003-desktop_file.patch Fix desktop file as per spec. Alessio Treglia <> no
fix-icon-path-check.patch Comparison with is will always fail, use == instead Allows the script to be started as /bin/sniff, while the icon
is located under /usr/share/.
Juhani Numminen <> no debian 2018-09-03

commit 27d45899641ecd91d16cc13f37fe536577a96c72

Add search method through stable identifier names
Samuel Thibault <> no 2019-03-26
detect-session.patch no

diff --git a/tests/ b/tests/
index 5ebb2a3..4572887 100644


commit ae8e334ee5e01104460ef6bf6a3b90f4372f514b

gedit test: fix gedit's application name

It was renamed into org.gnome.gedit in gedit 3.34.

Samuel Thibault <> no 2019-09-13
spurious-sleeping-msg no
keep_config no

commit 5e4e76b17df0320842b9a2decfb10c64bbe4425a

README: Drop zero-width spaces

They confuse various text processing tools and are not actually useful
Samuel Thibault <> no 2021-11-02

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