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fix_segfault.patch Fix segmentation fault on exit
Fix a segmentation fault when leaving the application.
Daniel Leidert <> no debian
hardening.patch Fix hardening error messages.
* source/DRAWxtl55/CrystalView.cxx: Fix error: format not a string literal and no format arguments.
* source/DRAWxtl55/Edit1.cxx: Ditto.
* source/DRAWxtl55/Import.cxx: Ditto.
Daniel Leidert <> no
link_lib2glps.patch Don't compile internal copy of gl2ps. Daniel Leidert <> no
povray_default_location.patch Fix default location * CrystalView.cxx (LoadConfig): Fix the default location for the and the povray executable on Debian systems. However
povray has been removed from Debian.
Daniel Leidert <> invalid debian
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drawxtl (5.5-5) unstable; urgency=medium
* d/p/fix_segfault.patch: Add patch.
- Fix segmentation fault on exit (closes: #853829).
* d/p/series: Adjust accordingly.
Daniel Leidert <> no debian

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