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autotools.patch Use autotools to build shared library This patch uses autoconf, automake, and libtool to build shared
and static libraries that enable the use of dSFMT by other packages.
All optimization flags of the upstream makefile are preserved, but
each flag is queried for compatibility with the compiler. Options
are provided for disabling the optimization flags, and for enabling
SSE2 or AltiVec support. Separate libraries are built for each of the
Mersenne exponents. The install target creates convenience symbolic
links to the development libraries for the primarily used Mersenne
exponent 19937.
Peter Colberg <> no 2015-10-28
array-size.patch Use ptrdiff_t for array size This patch widens the type for array sizes from int to ptrdiff_t
to support architectures with a 64-bit address space. This breaks
ABI compatibility with upstream, but preserves API compatibility.
Peter Colberg <> no 2015-10-28
extern-inline-functions.patch Export inline functions when building library This patch adds a preprocessor flag DSFMT_BUILDING_LIB that when
specified causes the compiler to emit symbols for inline functions,
which is achieved using C99 extern inline function declarations.
This allows invoking these functions in programs that dynamically
load the library for use with a foreign function interface (FFI).
Peter Colberg <> no 2015-10-28
require-sse2-on-i386.patch Check whether x86 CPU supports SSE2 This patch adds a run-time check for the SSE2 extension by querying
the CPU features using the x86 CPUID opcode. The wrapper function
__get_cpuid() is provided by GCC and Clang. See <cpuid.h> for the
list of supported CPU extension flags.
Peter Colberg <> not-needed 2015-10-28
require-altivec-on-power.patch Check whether Power CPU supports Altivec This patch adds a run-time check for the Altivec extension by
querying the CPU features using getauxval(AT_HWCAP), which is
available since glibc 2.16.
Peter Colberg <> not-needed 2015-11-08

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