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Status for dsniff/2.4b1+debian-33

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01_time.h.patch Include <time.h> to fix segfault on some architectures. Steve Kemp <> no debian
02_mailsnarf_corrupt.patch mailsnarf does not parse mail correctly. Steve Kemp <> no debian
03_pcap_read_dump.patch Allow the reading of saved PCAP capture files. Joseph Battaglia <> and Joshua Krage <> no debian
04_multiple_intf.patch Work with multiple interfaces. Steve Kemp <> no debian
05_amd64_fix.patch Compile under AMD64. Steve Kemp <> no debian
06_urlsnarf_zeropad.patch urlsnarf: zero-pad date. Steve Kemp <> no debian
07_libnet_1.1.patch Use libnet v1.1 instead of v1.0 Faidon Liambotis <> no
08_openssl-0.9.8.patch Fix FTBFS with openssl. <> no
09_sysconf_clocks.patch Fix FTBFS: ./sshow.c:226: error: 'CLK_TCK' undeclared. <> no
10_urlsnarf_escape.patch Escape user, vhost, uri, referer, agent strings in log. Hilko Bengen <> no debian
11_string_header.patch Avoid the "implicit declaration of function 'str*'" warning Luciano Bello <> no
12_arpa_inet_header.patch avoid the "implicit declaration of function 'ntohs'" warning Luciano Bello <> no
13_pop_with_version.patch distinguish between pop versions Luciano Bello <> no
14_obsolete_time.patch According to /usr/include/time.h, CLK_TCK is the "obsolete POSIX.1-1988 name" for CLOCKS_PER_SEC. Luciano Bello <> no debian
15_checksum_libnids.patch Workaround to this Debian bug Gleb Paharenko <> no debian
16_TDS_decoder.patch Fix for DOS y TDS decoder. Patch provided by Hilko Bengen. Luciano Bello <> no debian
17_checksum.patch Disable the filtering packets with incorrect checksum. Piotr Engelking <> no debian
18_sshcrypto.patch Missing openssl includes in sshcrypto.c. This patch was through diff.gz and now is implemented as a dpatch. Steve Kemp <> no
19_rewrite-and-modernize-POP-decoder.patch [PATCH] rewrite and modernize POP decoder Stefan Tomanek <> no 2011-10-29
20_debian_dirs.patch Adapt to Debian directory structure. Steve Kemp <> no
21_msgsnarf_segfault.patch Correctly 0 out the c struct. <> no
22_handlepp.patch Add tcpkill support for handle ppp interfaces. Joerg Dorchain <> no
23_urlsnarf_timestamp.patch urlsnarf: use timestamps from pcap file if available. Hilko Bengen <> no debian
24_Fix-OpenSSL1.1.0-Build.patch Fix build with OpenSSL 1.1.0 Christoph Biedl <> no
25_fix-spelling-errors.patch Fix minor spelling error in source code Marcos Fouces <> no
26_arpspoof-add-r-switch-to-poison-both-directions.patch [PATCH 1/3] arpspoof: add -r switch to poison both directions Stefan Tomanek <> no 2011-11-06
27_arpspoof-allow-use-of-of-multiple-targets.patch [PATCH 2/3] arpspoof: allow use of multiple targets. Last hunk modified by João Salavisa <>in order to fix a bug with "-t" option of arpspoof. See fo more information.
This patch header follows DEP-3:
Stefan Tomanek <> no
28_arpspoof-allow-selection-of-source-hw-address.patch [PATCH 3/3] arpspoof: allow selection of source hw address
In certain networks, sending with the wrong hardware source address can
jeopardize the network connection of the host running arpspoof. This
patch makes it possible to specify whether arpspoof should use the own
hardware address or the one of the real host when resetting the arp
table of the target systems; it is also possible to use both.
Stefan Tomanek <> no 2011-11-20
29_libnet_name2addr4.patch fixes possible segmentation faults of arpspoof, sshmitm, webmitm and webspy if any non-resolving hostname is passed. Issue was introduced by
dsniff-2.4-libnet_11.patch; libnet_name_resolve() was replaced by libnet_name2addr4()
while there must be the structure libnet_t passed additionally. And if that structure is not initialized
using libnet_init() and the passed name can't be resolved (like "192.168.2."), it
causes a snprintf() to NULL and thus the segmentation fault. Note that macof isn't
affected as no resolving was involved here ever.
Robert Scheck <> no
30_pntohl_shift.patch Corrects the incorrect bit-shift in pntohl(), the left-shift should be 8 bits, not 18. Matthew Boyle <> no
31_sysconf_clocks.patch Adds a clock fix. It was improved by Robert Scheck <> to work with older Linux kernel versions, too. <> no
32_rpc_segfault.patch avoids xdrs being used without being initialised first. Without thispatch dsniff segfaults when decoding RPC packets on x86_64. Matthew Boyle <> no
33_sshcrypto_DES.patch improves 18_sshcrypto.patch - Replace all des_ methods and structs with DES_ equivalents.
- Remove openssl/des_old.h include.
- Register dependencies on OpenSSL, glib20 and gettext.
jca no OpenBSD
34_fix-parallel-FTBFS.patch Fix parallel FTBFS problems * Add libmissing.a as a dependency to each of the PROGS to ensure it is
built before them.
* Ensure mount.h is created before decode_mountd.o gets built.
* Ensure nfs_prot.h is created before filesnarf.o gets built.
Adrian Bunk <> no debian
35_Add_CPPFLAGS.patch import CPPFLAGS in order to build an ELF binary that uses fortified libc functions. Now it is built with all default Debian compiler flags. Marcos Fouces <> no
36_implicit_declarations.patch fix implicit declarations compiler warning * switch to C99 uint64_t, remove now unnecessary xdr_u_int64_t function
* include missing string.h for memset
Lukas Schwaighofer <> no
37_fix-lib-and-share-dirs.patch Fix directory location for data files. They were wrongly set to lib dirs. Hank Leininger <> no
38_fix-pcap_init.patch Resolve naming collision due to libpcap API changes dsniff was written with a function named pcap_init() that predates
the one in libpcap and is entirely different. This patch renames it
out of the way.
Dennis Filder <> no debian 2021-02-10
39_libtirpc.patch allows building against libtirpc (as a separate library) given the Sun RPCsupport in glibc has been deprecated for a long time. Robert Scheck <> no

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