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Status for dvdisaster/0.79.5-10

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
11-no-cruft.patch Do not install cruft. Carlos Maddela <> not-needed 2017-01-05
02-encryption.patch Disables to skip on encrypted disks (e.g. DVD with CSS-Encryption). n/a no 2012-04-08
03-dvdrom.patch Adds support for DVD-ROM medium-type. Corey Wright <> no 2012-03-06
05-help-dialog.patch Customizes the help-dialog according to README.MODIFYING. .
* 2016-12-19 - Fixed path:
/usr/share/common/licenses/GPL-2 -> /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL-2
and restored use of "GPL" label.
Daniel Baumann <> no 2016-12-19
08-fix-gnu-make-detection.patch Fix GNU Make detection. While the previous code works with earlier versions of bash, it doesn't
seem to work with bash 4.4.5. The redirection to /dev/null somehow causes
grep to return an error code of 2.
This change allows for more predictable behaviour: grep returns an
error code of 0 or 1.
Carlos Maddela <> no debian 2016-12-18
10-use-non-size-specific-icon-and-add-keywords-to-desktop-file.patch Use non-size-specific icon and add keywords to desktop file. Carlos Maddela <> no 2016-12-19
12-fix-spelling-of-up-to.patch Fix spelling: upto -> up to Carlos Maddela <> no 2017-01-05
13-fix-missing-language-field-in-po-files.patch Fix missing language fields in PO files. Carlos Maddela <> no 2017-01-05
14-make-builds-reproducible.patch Make builds reproducible. Use the Debian changelog details to derive a build number and date,
so that we can make reproducible binaries.
Carlos Maddela <> not-needed 2017-08-14
15-show-new-pkg-tracker.patch Update help dialog to show link to the new Debian package tracker. Carlos Maddela <> not-needed 2016-12-19
16-remove-auto-build-of-doco-from-install-rule.patch Don't build and install documentation automatically. This allows for better control over binary-arch and binary-indep builds. Carlos Maddela <> not-needed 2017-01-05
17-fix-all-but-deprecated-api-warnings.patch Fix all warnings except for those related to deprecated API. Carlos Maddela <> no debian 2017-01-05
18-update-copyright-in-about-dialog.patch Update copyright notice in about dialog. Carlos Maddela <> not-needed 2017-01-05
19-show-text-files-with-abs-path.patch Allow ShowTextFile() to work with absolute path names. Carlos Maddela <> no 2016-12-21
20-display-changelog-credits-and-todo.patch Fix display of changelog, credits and to-do files. Use absolute paths to compensate for the fact that we don't install
duplicates in /usr/share/doc/dvdisaster-doc or build with source
path embedded anymore.
Carlos Maddela <> not-needed 2017-01-05
22-fix-hurd-i386-ftbfs.patch Fix FTBFS for hurd-i386. Hurd does not have path length restrictions, so doesn't define
PATH_MAX. Assuming a PATH_MAX of 4096 as a quick workaround.
Carlos Maddela <> no 2017-01-04
23-add-bdrom-support.patch Add support for BD-ROM media-type. The attached patch adds support to dvdisaster for the BD-ROM
media-type. This allows dvdisaster to scan and read (ie create ISO
images of) BD-ROM media.
Corey Write <> no debian other,;bug=849518;filename=dvdisaster-add_bdrom_support.patch;msg=5 2016-12-27
24-show-gpl3-license.patch Update help dialog to show GPL-3 license. Carlos Maddela <> not-needed 2017-01-05
25-fix-man-pages.patch Fix generated man pages. The generated man pages incorrectly direct users to the directory of
the old HTML documentation, which is no longer available.
Carlos Maddela <> no 2016-12-21
26-fix-display-of-manual.pdf.patch Fix display of manual.pdf. The PDF file is automatically compressed by Debhelper, so we need to
account for this.
Carlos Maddela <> not-needed 2017-01-05
27-allow-opening-in-browser-again.patch Resurrect old code to support opening URLs in a browser. Carlos Maddela <> not-needed 2016-12-21
28-pdftex-reproducibility.patch Apply pdftex workarounds for build reproducibility. * Generate the same PDF IDs.
* Suppress additional metadata for included images.
Carlos Maddela <> not-needed 2017-08-15
29-fix-more-typos.patch Fix more typos in error messages and docs. 'sucessful' → 'successful'
'improvment' → 'improvement'
Carlos Maddela <> no 2017-08-06
30-hurd-kfreebsd-ftbfs.patch Fix FTBFS on Hurd and kFreeBSD. Make sure MMAP_FLAGS gets defined. Carlos Maddela <> no 2017-08-06
31-improve-hurd-and-kfreebsd-support.patch Add better support for HURD and kFreeBSD systems. Hurd still compiles without SCSI layer, however. Carlos Maddela <> no 2017-08-06
32-display-compilation-commands.patch Do not suppress the display of compilation commands, so that build logs may be analysed by blhc. Carlos Maddela <> not-needed 2017-08-09
33-honour-LDFLAGS.patch Honour LDFLAGS set by dpkg-buildflags in building all binaries. Unpackaged simple-md5sum utility must do so as well, to keep blhc happy. Carlos Maddela <> no 2017-12-21
34-gcc8-format-security.patch Fix format security warning in GCC-8. Carlos Maddela <> no 2019-01-31
35-archived-homepage.patch Change homepage to one archived at has been unavailable for a while now.
Not certain if this is permanent though, as the domain name still
exists for mail.
Carlos Maddela <> not-needed 2019-01-31
36-fix-parallelism.patch Fix parallel build of locale strings. Carlos Maddela <> no 2019-02-01
37-suggest-dvdisaster-doc.patch Suggest to install dvdisaster-doc in error message if the PDF manual cannot be found. Carlos Maddela <> not-needed 2019-02-02
0032-Fix-for-compilation-error-under-gcc-10.patch Fix for compilation error under gcc 10 Stéphane Lesimple <> no 2020-09-14

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