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Status for dwm/6.5-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
2001_replace_term_cmd.patch Modified command and rules to use Debian specific tools By default dwm uses st as terminal emulator
this is modified now to use x-terminal-emulator
command instead.
Vasudev Kamath <> not-needed 2024-04-25
2002_inject_hardening_flags.patch Modification to allow dpkg-buildflags This modification allows the dpkg-buildflags to inject compilation
flags in addition to vendor specific patches. Also this patch removes
-Os from upstream allowing use DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noopt
Vasudev Kamath <> not-needed 2024-04-25
2004_use_system_searchpaths.patch Fix FTBFS on mipsel* due to custom library search paths. This patch removes library search -L/usr/lib and include paths
defined by upstream. Since all the libraries and headers needed are
available in default path these flags are redundant also since
/usr/lib may have different purpose on various architecture like
mips* it causes FTBFS. Thanks to YunQiang Su for bringing this up.
Vasudev Kamath <> not-needed debian

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