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Status for elastalert/0.2.4-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
002-remove-configparser-requirement.patch Remove configparser requirement

python-configparser is a backport of changes in Python 3.2
No more required with Python 3.7
We need to remove it because in elastalert, pkg_resources looks for the
requirement and fails if it's not found
Sophie Brun <> no 2019-08-22
define-default-rules-location.patch standardize location of rules

Standardize in Debian the location of rules in /etc/elastalert/rules.
Santiago Vila <> not-needed debian 2019-08-22
Drop-py-zabbix-from-requirements.patch Drop py-zabbix from requirements
It's not available in Debian currently.
=?utf-8?q?Rapha=C3=ABl_Hertzog?= <> no 2019-08-26
0006-loaders_test-pass-match-to-pytest.raises-for-pytest-.patch loaders_test: pass match= to pytest.raises for pytest 6, and adjust pattern to latest ES =?utf-8?q?S=C3=A9bastien_Delafond?= <> no 2021-01-04
fix-stomp-usage.patch Fix stomp usage for latest python3-stomp

The latest version of Stomp does not support a top level .start() method call. no 2021-01-21
loosen_version_limits.patch Loosen the upstream version limits
apscheduler had to be removed due to #1010800 - this can
be updated when that is fixed.
Remove upper version limits on packages already in the archive.
Neil Williams <> no 2022-05-10
remove-blist.patch remove usage of broken python module blist Helmut Grohne <> yes

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