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Status for faiss/1.7.3-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Use-system-GTest.patch Use system GTest Debian Deep Learning Team <> no 2022-02-06
0002-Use-SWIGWORDSIZE32-on-32-bit-architectures.patch Use SWIGWORDSIZE32 on 32 bit architectures =?utf-8?q?Timo_R=C3=B6hling?= <> no 2022-02-06
0003-Force-inlining-on-simdlib-helpers.patch Force inlining on simdlib helpers
The helper functions are called with intrinsics as function
arguments, but intrinsics cannot have their address taken, so
these calls only work if they are inlined by the compiler.
=?utf-8?q?Timo_R=C3=B6hling?= <> no 2022-02-07
0004-Fix-CMake-package-export.patch Fix CMake package export =?utf-8?q?Timo_R=C3=B6hling?= <> no 2022-02-08
0005-Fix-implementation-for-32-bit-size_t.patch Fix implementation for 32 bit size_t =?utf-8?q?Timo_R=C3=B6hling?= <> no 2022-02-09
0006-Fix-floating-point-comparisons-in-unit-tests.patch Fix floating point comparisons in unit tests =?utf-8?q?Timo_R=C3=B6hling?= <> no 2022-02-09
0007-Add-GTest-filter.patch Add GTest filter =?utf-8?q?Timo_R=C3=B6hling?= <> no 2022-02-09

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