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Status for fakechroot/2.20.1+ds-17

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-New-statx-function.patch [PATCH 01/14] New `statx` function Piotr Roszatycki <> no 2020-02-10
0002-src-lckpwdf.c-create-an-empty-etc-.pwd.lock.patch [PATCH 02/14] src/lckpwdf.c: create an empty /etc/.pwd.lock Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues <> no 2021-06-24
0003-check-return-value-of-dladdr.patch [PATCH 03/14] check return value of dladdr
Hajime Yoshimori <> no 2020-05-01
0004-tmpnam.c-fix-heap-overflow.patch [PATCH 04/14] tmpnam.c: fix heap overflow
Ilya Lipnitskiy <> no 2021-02-22
0005-declare-missing-bufs-remove-ver-from-lstat.patch [PATCH 05/14] declare missing bufs, remove ver from lstat
Ilya Lipnitskiy <> no 2021-02-22
0006-fix-glibc-2.33-compatibility.patch [PATCH 06/14] fix glibc 2.33+ compatibility
Ilya Lipnitskiy <> no 2021-02-22
0007-wrap-fstatat-and-fstatat64.patch [PATCH 07/14] wrap fstatat and fstatat64
neok-m4700 <> no 2021-02-24
0008-Wrap-all-functions-accessing-etc-passwd-etc-group-an.patch [PATCH 08/14] Wrap all functions accessing /etc/passwd, /etc/group and /etc/shadow

Starting with glibc 2.32 the compat nss module for getpwnam calls
__nss_files_fopen (which is a GLIBC_PRIVATE symbol provided by glibc)
instead of fopen (see 299210c1fa67e2dfb564475986fce11cd33db9ad). This
leads to getpwnam calls accessing /etc/passwd from *outside* the chroot
and as a result programs like adduser do not work correctly anymore
under fakechroot.

Starting with glibc 2.34 the __nss_files_fopen was moved from nss to and thus wrapping it with LD_PRELOAD has no affect anymore
(see 6212bb67f4695962748a5981e1b9fea105af74f6).

So now we also wrap all the functions accessing /etc/passwd, /etc/group
and /etc/shadow. This solution will ignore NIS, LDAP or other local files
as potentially configured in /etc/nsswitch.conf.
Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues <> no 2022-08-24
0009-add-test-t-rm.t-and-amend-test-t-touch.t-with-no-der.patch [PATCH 09/14] add test/t/rm.t and amend test/t/touch.t with --no-dereference test

- test/t/rm.t will fail under glibc 2.34 unless __stat64_time64 functions are
- test/t/touch.t will fail under glibc 2.34 unless __lstat64_time64 is
Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues <> no 2022-11-01
0010-support-glibc-2.34-by-wrapping-__-f-l-stat-at-64_tim.patch [PATCH 10/14] support glibc 2.34 by wrapping __{f,l,}stat{at,}64_time64 and__utime{nsat,s,}64

These functions are only wrapped on 32 bit platforms like i386, armel or
armhf. On 64 bit platforms, the corresponding HAVE_* macros will not be

* __fstatat64_time64
* __lstat64_time64
* __stat64_time64
* __utime64
* __utimensat64
* __utimes64
Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues <> no 2022-11-01
0011-also-investigate-.interp-section-for-architectures-t.patch [PATCH 11/14] also investigate .interp section for architectures that do not list the linker in `objdump -p` like mips64el, ppc64el and s390x Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues <> no 2023-01-31 [PATCH 12/14] test/ use testtree variable
- the variable is set in test/ and includes `basename $0 .t`
- otherwise test/t/touch.t will always get skipped
Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues <> no 2023-02-06
0013-symlink.t-also-test-lutimes-if-available-as-well-as-.patch [PATCH 13/14] symlink.t: also test lutimes (if available) as well as real files Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues <> no 2024-04-14
0014-wrap-__lutimes64-for-glibc-2.37.patch [PATCH 14/14] wrap __lutimes64 for glibc 2.37 Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues <> no 2024-04-14

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