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Status for fermi-lite/0.1+git20190320.b499514-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
make_shared_lib build shared library Upstream only builds a static library, this adds a shared one. Sascha Steinbiss <> no 2016-01-08
hardening add hardening flags Adds necessary build flags for hardening. Sascha Steinbiss <> no 2016-01-08
rename_bseq1_t.patch Avoid name space conflict with bwa Andreas Tille <> no 2017-02-02
bcf_seqlib.patch Try to take over patches from libSeqLib which needs separate bfc.h FIXME: Please check the FIXME at the end. I think I did things wrong to put a
static declaration into header file but I had no better idea to make
ec1buf_init known in libSeqLib
Andreas Tille <> no 2017-02-02
simde use the simde header library for greater compatibility Michael R. Crusoe <> no
ensure-signed-comparison.patch Ensure that our variable checking for >= 0 is signed The type of v->n is size_t, which is an unsigned type, and we are assigning
v->n - 1 to i and looping while this is >= 0. If v->n == 0, on some
architectures (armhf) this results in i being set to a positive value
(specifically, UINT32_MAX).

Steve Langasek <> no debian 2020-03-17
sync_instead_of_atomic fix compatibility on mipsel Michael R. Crusoe <> yes
gcc10.patch Fix package to build with GCC-10 Nilesh Patra <> no debian 2020-04-18

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