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out/kfreebsd-sse4.patch make prefix.freebsd* similar to prefix.linux The -msse4 flag is of particular interest, but also the -std=gnu++03 no
upstream/riscv64-support.patch 1e8e7858db84750a77006d307bf28e9686f9414e Patch for CORE-5779: support for riscv64, also some code fixes related with prior ports
Minor corrections compared to the commit above due to whitespace/spelling
differences with 3.0 version
yes debian upstream
upstream/systemd-service-documentation.patch add Documentation key to the systemd service Adapted from upstream commit 70bbc0e7a54c796d60164e85664c4d26f547dfb4 Damyan Ivanov <> invalid
out/riscv64-prefix.patch add builds/posix/prefix.linux_riscv64, missing upstream It appears the commit adding RiscV64 support
(1e8e7858db84750a77006d307bf28e9686f9414e) misses the build prefix file
Here's one submitted by Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo
Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo <> yes debian upstream
out/ remove reference to obsolete Syslog is socket-activated, so no need to declare a dependency on it Damyan Ivanov <> no
upstream/systemd-service-stderr.patch drop StandardError=syslog setting Taken from upstream commit cdf8410db5b8bd264f6621867d0f319053b489a0 Damyan Ivanov <> invalid
out/honour-buildflags.patch improved support for build flags The first change makes linking makeHeader use the same CPP/CXX/LD flags as the
rest of the sources.
The second change stops btyacc/Makefile from ignoring CFLAGS from the
The third change stops overriding CXXFLAGS
The result is using hardening flags from the environment when compiling and
Damyan Ivanov <> no
out/c++-std.patch add -std=gnu++03 and -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks to all build prefix files Firebird 3.0.3 adds these to several prefix files, but not all
The Debian package stopped adding these flags "by hand", leading to several
architectures failing to build Firebird 3.0.3:
Damyan Ivanov <> no
out/no-copy-from-icu.patch Link isql with ICU instead of embedding part of it in the source Damyan Ivanov <> no
out/cloop-honour-build-flags.patch make cloop build honor compiler/linker flags from the environment Damyan Ivanov <> no
out/spelling.patch spelling error (perfrom -> perform) Damyan Ivanov <> yes
out/fbserver-startup.patch fix fbguard to exit to the OS only after fbserver is ready Exiting right after forking causes a race condition making it possible that
the service says it is startew, but the fbserver process isn't ready yet to
serve requests, because it hasn't called listen() yet.
The patch makes fbserver send SIGUSR1 to the fbguard parent process, which
waits for SIGUSR1 before it returns the control to the OS.
Damyan Ivanov <> yes debian
out/cross-configure.patch improve cross buildability
* Rather than checking $build (the architecture we are building on), we should
be checking $host. Unfortunately, $host tends to lack the vendor part, so we
need a tricky sed expression for inserting it. For native builds, $host and
$build are equal.
* The check for whether sem_init works only aborts the build in case of
failure. Since the check cannot be performed during cross building, the only
sane way is to just assume sem_init to work.
The latter macros have a slower fallback path for cross compilation that use
compiler bisection to determine the values.
Helmut Grohne <> no
no-binary-gbaks.patch # Author: Damyan Ivanov <>
# Description: Remove usage of binary .gbak files
# These can't be in Debian-shipped sources
# help.fbk is removed from Debian sources so we remove mentions of it,
# together with qli, which needs it
# Forwarded: no
deb/march-i486.patch # Description: lower CPU optimization level to i486, which is the lowest
# Debian supports
# Author: Damyan Ivanov <>
# Forwarded: not-needed
packaged-boost.patch use system-wide boost headers Damyan Ivanov <> no
deb/no-suse.init.patch remove reference to That file isnot present in the repackaged source, since it cannot
be distributed by Debian -- has copyright statement without license.
Damyan Ivanov <> no
deb/gen-ids.patch re-generate ids.h unconditionally We want to create all files from their source Damyan Ivanov <> no
deb/cve-2017-11509.patch disable UDFs in firebird.conf UDFs can be used for remote code execution. see (CVE-2017-11509)
Damyan Ivanov <> invalid
out/hppa-mod_loader.patch fix mod_loader on HPPA The problem is dlsym returns a function pointer on hppa when passed the name
of a function symbol. It points at a function descriptor for the function
when the plabel bit is set in the pointer. The descriptor has an entry which
points at the function after it has been bound. Otherwise, it points at
trampoline code to fix up the descriptor.
In any case, dladdr doesn't do the expected thing when passed a function
pointer. It needs the actual address of the function.
The attached patch fixes the build on hppa-linux. Another option would be to
adjust the configure check.
John David Anglin <> no debian
out/hurd-maxpathlen.patch move fallback definition of MAXPATHLEN outside the WinNT block helps the hurd build move a bit further
Additionally, include common.h in gpre.h to get the MAXPATHLEN define
The effor to build firebird on hurd is tracked at
Damyan Ivanov no

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