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fix-xterm-keybinding.patch Keybinding fix: Change `xterm' to `x-terminal-emulator'Description:
This changes the default keybinding from xterm to x-terminal-emulator,
which is more compliant with Debian policy. This is a local change only,
for the most part.

diff --git a/data/keys b/data/keys
index 7e2557c..b02f80f 100644
Daniel Diaz <> not-needed local 2010-08-12
fix-startup-check-fbautostart.patch Debian-local change to check if fbautostart exists.
This is to better integrate the two apps, without fbautostart
having to restort to gross hacks to get it's self started up, or
give the user correct (but unexpected) behavior.
Paul Tagliamonte <> no 2012-05-18
fluxbox-1.3.7-c++17.patch fixes bug #1138 John Sennesael <> no 2015-11-02
fix_ld_ftbfs.patch [PATCH] Fix build-system: fix "make check"
make check is normally not issued if you build from source but (at least)
the Debian build system fails upon deb package creation. Similarly to
the 0820bcb640e9030a99a4c47119df6b9305e632da commit use xxx_LDADD instead
of xxx_LDFLAGS.
"Paolo E. Mazzon" <> no 2020-06-27
replace_FbRootWindow_depth_with_maxDepth.patch replace FbRootWindow::depth with maxDepth
The depth member of FbWindow was abused to store the maximum depth
but that gets overridden with geometry changes of the root window
(screen layout changes) so we store and read the value explicitly while
::depth() maintains the actual depth of the root window

The result of this is that frames for ARGB windows were created with a
wrong depth and failed to reparent the client window.
=?UTF-8?q?Thomas=20L=C3=BCbking?= <> no upstream 2016-06-25

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