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Status for foo2zjs/20200505dfsg0-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0017-Delay-firmware-transfer-for-UDEV-automatic-printer-s.patch Delay firmware transfer for UDEV automatic printer setup Didier Raboud <> no 2016-10-04
0001-Update-makefiles-to-Debian-best-practices.patch Update makefiles to Debian best-practices Didier Raboud <> no 2016-10-04
0002-Fix-icc2ps-build.patch Fix icc2ps build
Include unistd.h to make sure the swab function is not implicitly declared,
also declare _XOPEN_SOURCE to have it available through unistd.h, and
therefore declare _GNU_SOURCE to have strcasecmp() and vsnprintf()
Didier Raboud <> no 2016-10-04
0003-Don-t-build-icc2ps-but-use-psicc-from-liblcms2-utils.patch Don't build icc2ps but use psicc from liblcms2-utils instead Michael Gilbert <> no 2016-10-04
0004-Use-the-Debian-provided-libjbig.patch Use the Debian-provided libjbig. Didier Raboud <> no 2016-10-04
0005-Link-against-system-liblcms1.patch Link against system liblcms1 Didier Raboud <> no 2016-10-04
0006-Correct-the-udev-rules.patch Correct the udev rules:
a) remove KERNEL=="lp*", as usblp is now blacklisted by CUPS (it will work without CUPS too).
b) Replace paths: /etc/hotplug/usb/ by no path, as the binaries are shipped in /lib/udev/
c) Drop the MODE specification
d) Add ACTION=="ADD", otherwise the firmware script runs after unplugging as well
Peter De Wachter <> no 2016-10-04
0007-Remove-Encoding-from-.desktop-file.patch Remove 'Encoding' from .desktop file Didier Raboud <> no 2016-10-04
0008-Do-not-display-the-icon-by-default.patch Do not display the icon by default
See #579154
Didier Raboud <> no 2016-10-04
0009-Launch-the-_gui.tcl-directly-instead-of-launching-wi.patch Launch the _gui.tcl directly (instead of launching wish outside of it), avoids a lintian warning. Didier Raboud <> no 2016-10-04
0010-Correct-the-path-for-the-usb_printerid-program.patch Correct the path for the usb_printerid program Didier Raboud <> no 2016-10-04
0011-Improve-getweb-also-for-installing-the-firmware.patch Improve getweb also for installing the firmware
Fix the icm file installing code to create inexistant folders
Didier Raboud <> no 2016-10-04
0012-Use-the-same-firmware-folder-for-all-HP-LJ-printers.patch Use the same firmware folder for all HP LJ printers Didier Raboud <> no 2016-10-04
0013-Firmware-directory-is-lib-firmware-hp-Closes-517957.patch Firmware directory is /lib/firmware/hp/ (Closes: #517957) Didier Raboud <> no 2016-10-04
0014-Don-t-delete-printer-profile-in-clean-target.patch Don't delete printer-profile in clean target Didier Raboud <> no 2016-10-04
0015-Fixes-errors-and-hyphen-as-minus-in-manpages.patch Fixes errors and hyphen-as-minus in manpages Didier Raboud <> no 2016-10-04
0016-Fix-various-spelling-errors.patch Fix various spelling errors:
Didier Raboud <> no 2016-10-04
0018-Removed-the-lines-in-the-UDEV-script-for-the-automat.patch Removed the lines in the UDEV script for the automatic firmware
upload into the printer which remove the UDEV rules files for HPLIP's
automatic firmware upload.
Till Kamppeter <> no 2016-10-04
0019-The-firmware-upload-script-tried-to-upload-the-firmw.patch The firmware upload script tried to upload the firmware via
the usblp kernel module and with the CUPS USB backend (using libusb) in
parallel, making the printer crash.
Till Kamppeter <> no 2016-10-04
0020-Prevent-an-infinite-loop-when-loading-the-firmware.patch Prevent an infinite loop when loading the firmware.
When using the load_cups method, the CUPS backend will internally
unload and reload the usblp module. This will generate
SUBSYSTEM=usbmisc events that need to be ignored in the CUPS code
path, or this script will be rerun in an infite loop.

But when using the load_usblp method, the usblp module is obviously
needed. So in this situation we need to ignore the SUBSYSTEM=usb
Peter De Wachter <> no debian 2016-10-04
0021-Build-manpages-reproducibly-through-reading-the-MODT.patch Build manpages reproducibly, through reading the MODTIME from
debian/changelog exclusively, and giving LC_ALL=C.UTF-8 TZ=UTC to various
Didier Raboud <> no 2016-10-04
0022-Don-t-try-to-install-hotplug-osx-on-all-UNAME-s.patch Don't try to install-hotplug-osx on all UNAME's Didier Raboud <> no 2018-05-08
0023-Don-t-test-for-stdio.h-in-fullpath.patch Don't test for stdio.h in fullpath Helmut Grohne <> no 2018-10-05
0024-Drop-lsomelib-make-dependencies-to-progress-towards-.patch Drop -lsomelib make dependencies to progress towards cross-buildability Helmut Grohne <> no 2020-01-18
0025-Re-enable-manual-duplex-printing-for-Samsung-CLP-300.patch Re-enable manual duplex printing for Samsung CLP 300 Sam Morris <> no 2013-06-05
0026-Specify-FOOMATICDB-when-calling-foomatic-ppfile.patch Specify FOOMATICDB when calling foomatic-ppfile Didier Raboud <> no 2020-05-25 getweb: use mirror as the original site is down Quirinux GNU/Linux <> no 2021-09-02

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