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Status for foomatic-db-engine/4.0.13-6

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Fix-netcat-s-path-in-Debian-it-lives-in-bin.patch Fix netcat's path; in Debian it lives in /bin Didier Raboud <> no debian 2018-02-10
0002-Wrap-long-lines-to-avoid-man-warnings.patch Wrap long lines to avoid man warnings Didier Raboud <> no 2018-02-10
0003-Fix-ou-t-put-and-program-m-atic-typos-in-manpages-an.patch Fix ou{,t}put and program{,m}atic typos in manpages and scripts Didier Raboud <> no 2018-12-01
0004-Upstream-fix-CURL-and-WGET-detection.patch Upstream: fix CURL and WGET detection Didier Raboud <> no 2018-12-03
0005-Use-pkg-config-instead-of-xml2-config.patch Use pkg-config instead of xml2-config Didier Raboud <> no 2020-01-17
0006-Recognize-fractional-numbers-in-PageSize.patch Recognize fractional numbers in PageSize
Right now, fractional numbers (fractional pt sizes) aren't allowed in
PageSize values even though they are perfectly fine in PPD files. In
contrast, the values foomatic puts into the *ImageableArea and
*PaperDimension definitions it generates are fractional. So allow
fractional numbers in PageSize values as well.
Andreas Gruenbacher <> no 2020-01-30

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