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Status for foomatic-filters/4.0.17-16

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0105-ppd_trailing_whitespace.patch remove trailing whitespaces from ppd files Remove trailing whitespaces from ppd file to prevent segfault Jrg Frings-Frst <> yes debian upstream 2014-08-23
0100-pdf_header.patch wrong type in header <long description that can span multiple lines, optional> Jrg Frings-Frst <> invalid upstream 2014-05-29
0600-spelling-errors.diff some typo in sources and manpage Jrg Frings-Frst <> not-needed 2014-05-04
0110-fixed-segfault-when-creating-logfile.patch foomatic-rip: Fixed segfault when creating log file (Bug #1206). Till Kamppeter <> not-needed 2014-04-25
0001-paps.patch Add paps as default text-to-PostScript converter Cherry-picked from upstream. Jrg Frings-Frst <> yes debian upstream 2015-01-22
0500-r7406_also_consider_the_back_tick_as_an_illegal_shell_escape_character.patch foomatic-rip: SECURITY FIX: Also consider the back tick ('`') as an illegal shell escape character. Thanks to Michal Kowalczyk from the Google
Security Team for the hint.
Add changes from upstream revision 7419.
Till Kamppeter <> no upstream 2015-12-13
0115-Fix_text_filter.patch Fix error on handling text filter Alexander Zangerl <> no debian upstream 2022-02-24
0120-Disable_option_docs.patch Disable not available option docs Jrg Frings-Frst <> not-needed debian 2022-02-24

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