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Status for freebsd-libs/10.3~svn296373-10

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
cdefs_macros.diff With exported headers using a hacked <sys/cdefs.h> is not enough, since
they're used by external programs. Manual patching is required...
02_libcam.diff no
03_libsbuf.diff no
04_libkvm.diff no
05_libipx.diff no
08_libdevstat.diff no
09_libusbhid.diff no
10_memstat.diff no
11_netgraph.diff no
12_usb.diff no
13_jail.diff no
14_alias.diff no
sysconf_cpuset_size.diff no
libusb_backward.diff This happened because of "downgrading" 8.3-STABLE to 9.0-RELEASE,
some commits which hadn't made it to 9.0-RELEASE were MFC'ed to
8.3-STABLE, adding new symbols. Upgrading to 9.0 removed them.
kvm_size_t_kludge.diff no
dwarf.diff no
elf.diff no
libusb_pthread_condattr_setclock.diff no
libbsd_nlist.diff This patch is not required for build, because freebsd-glue provides
<nlist.h>, however it is still required when using kvm.h in an external
package. See #729536.
assume_default_login_class.diff We don't have this feature. See login.conf(5) no
rlimit.diff no
libdwarf_off64_t.diff We can't use -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 here, as
libdwarf.h is a public header.
makefiles.diff no
pty_decls.diff no
libusb_reported_version.diff Description:
Pick upstream SVN r267110, for libusb-1.0 compatibility library to
report version as 1.0.13
no debian vendor
libusb_set_auto_detach_kernel_driver.diff add libusb_set_auto_detach_kernel_driver stub
Add a stub implementation of libusb_set_auto_detach_kernel_driver
to the libusb-1.0 compatbility library. This returns only
Steven Chamberlain <> no 2016-03-05
pkgconfig_dir.diff no
subr_prf.diff no
replace_fgetln.diff fparseln: replace fgetln(3) with getline(3)
fgetln(3) is available in FreeBSD's libc but not GNU libc. Use the more
portable getline(3). This returns a malloc()'d buffer, rather than a
pointer to a (unterminated) C string, so remember to free it.

fparseln(3) returns a different malloc()'d buffer, which the caller is
supposed to free(), so remember to actually do that in the test program.
Steven Chamberlain <> no 2016-03-05

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