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Status for freediameter/1.2.1-8

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Fix-some-spelling-errors.patch Fix some spelling errors Ruben Undheim <> no 2018-07-27
0002-install-extensions-in-usr-lib-freeDiameter.-Do-not-i.patch install extensions in /usr/lib/freeDiameter. Do not install two binaries for freediameterd Ruben Undheim <> no 2018-08-08
0003-Set-default-debian-location-for-freeDiameter-configu.patch Set default debian location for freeDiameter configuration files Ruben Undheim <> no 2018-08-08
0004-Disable-running-tests-that-require-the-kernel-module.patch Disable running tests that require the kernel module sctp Ruben Undheim <> no 2018-08-26
0005-Build-using-old-API-since-the-new-FTBFS-on-sid.patch Build using old API, since the new FTBFS on sid Ruben Undheim <> no 2018-10-14
CVE-2020-6098.patch Anybody can send a specially cafted Diameter request, which triggers a memory corruption and thus results in a denial-of-service.

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