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Status for fspanel/0.7-15

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
10-XGetGeometry-fix.patch [PATCH] fspanel.c: (scale_icon): Fix XGetGeometry call Jari Aalto <> no 2008-12-09
10-XGetGeometry-fix=11-gc.patch [PATCH] fspanel.c: Fix scale_icon() and GC mgc Jari Aalto <> no 2009-12-20
30-makefile.patch [PATCH] Makefile: Adjust compile and install Jari Aalto <> no 2008-12-09
40-EWMH-compliance.patch Ulrich Eckhardt <>
Here's a patch against the Debian sources. The modifications go
beyond bug #660333, I discovered a few others on the way. Changes:

1. Set WM_CLASS property. See #660461 for a reason why.
2. Fix some indention mistakes and typos.
3. Handle sticky windows (desktop=-1) as visible everywhere
4. EWMH compliance:
a) test _NET_SUPPORTED to detect compliant WM
c) use _NET_WM_DESKTOP to locate client windows
d) prefer _NET_WM_NAME, fallback to WM_NAME for client name
e) use _NET_WM_STATE to position fspanel above all other windows
f) use _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE to mark fspanel as dektop part

is not raised to the top. Only if the window was previously
minimized/iconified it is restored and raised. This might be a
fluxbox quirk or configuration, but if you can reproduce this with
any other window managers (..) As a workaround, clicking three times
helps, the first focuses, the second minimizes and the third restores
and raises the window.
Fix failure to switch desktops and hidden by other windows no

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