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remove-cdn-links-from-docs-and-examples.diff Comment out CDN links from docs and HTML example.

The webassembly example HTML file and the doxygen docs have a bunch of script
and link tags that load scripts from a CDN. Since this script would run upon
opening these files, they were flagged as a privacy-breach-generic by Lintian.
This patch comments out / removes those script and link tags so that they don't
run when the file is opened.
Shriram Ravindranathan <> not-needed 2023-02-09
build-docs-with-library.diff Build docs along with library There used to be the option "ALL" in the cmake custom target "doc" as
indicated by the comment above that custom target, which enabled building
docs along with the library. This was removed for some reason, perhaps to
build docs in a separate pipeline. This effectively renders the cmake flag
FTXUI_BUILD_DOCS pointless, as it does not infact build the docs.
Secondly, as the docs are not built with the library, they aren't installed to
usr/share/doc even when FTXUI_ENABLE_INSTALL is set to ON.
This patch adds the "ALL" option back and adds the install target for docs.
Shriram Ravindranathan <> not-needed 2024-02-15
make-examples-installable.diff Make examples installable It might be useful to install the examples built by cmake when the flag
FTXUI_BUILD_EXAMPLES is set to "ON". This patch makes the example binaries
installable for package ftxui-examples.
Shriram Ravindranathan <> not-needed 2024-02-16
remove-non-existent-include-path.diff Remove system install interface "include" When using installed ftxui with cmake find_package, cmake is unable to
configure ftxui::screen, and it complains about a path "/include" in its
from ftxui_set_options seems to fix the issue without causing any other
problems in building and using the library.
Shriram Ravindranathan <> yes 2024-02-17

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