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from-debian-gcc-rename-info-files.diff # DP: This patch was converted from rename-info-files.diff
# DP: Original comment:
# DP:
# DP: Allow transformations on info file names. Reference the
# DP: transformed info file names in the texinfo files.
from-debian-gcc-alpha-ieee-doc.diff # DP: This patch was converted from alpha-ieee-doc.diff
# DP: Original comment:
# DP:
# DP: #212912
# DP: on alpha-linux, make -mieee default and add -mieee-disable switch
# DP: to turn default off (doc patch)
fix-direntry.diff Fix some direntry to point to correct info files. In addition, in an info direntry, the part before ':' needs to be unique,
or else gnat-style from gnat-4.4-doc and gnat-4.6-doc will conflict.
Guo Yixuan <> no debian
gnat-cross-references.diff Changed cross reference to versioned info pages. Created using perl, then manually checked for correctness.
perl -i -pe 'if (not /setfilename/) { s/gnat_rm/\@value{fngnatrm}/g; s/gnat_ugn/\@value{fngnatugn}/g; s/gnat-style/\@value{fngnatstyle}/g }'
Guo Yixuan <> no
libquadmath.diff Since BUGURL is defined on command line, libquadmath-vers.texi is not needed here. Guo Yixuan <> no
0008-gcc.texi-fix-more-info-files-rename.patch gcc.texi: fix more info files rename

Fix renames in gcc info page.
Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov <> no debian 2019-08-20
0009-documentation-fix-spelling-errors.patch documentation: fix spelling errors
Fix several spelling errors detected by lintian
Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov <> no 2019-08-20

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