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gcc-gfdl-build.patch gcc-gfdl-build Agustin Henze <> no 2019-09-04
provide-stdint-for-embedded.patch provide-stdint-for-embedded
commit 1440bee2991ff26fdcccfa18ab7e228399228f91

Provide stdint.h when not using newlib for embedded targets

All of the embedded targets assume newlib and so wrap stdint.h instead
of providing it natively. Kludge around this when newlib is not being
used by switching back to providing gcc's own stdint.h.

Signed-off-by: Keith Packard <>
Keith Packard <> no 2019-09-04
0003-Remove-use-of-include_next-from-c-headers.patch Remove use of include_next from c++ headers
Using include_next bypasses the default header search path and lets
files later in the include path take priority over earlier files.

This makes replacing libc impossible as the default libc headers will
occur after the libstdc++ headers, and so be picked up in place of
headers inserted at the begining of the search path or appended to the
end of the search path.

Using include_next is a hack to work-around broken combinations of
libraries, and is not necessary in a well constructed toolchain.
Keith Packard <> no 2021-01-24
0004-Arm-Fix-incorrect-tailcall-generation-for-indirect-c.patch Arm: Fix incorrect tailcall-generation for indirect calls [PR113780]
This patch fixes a bug that causes indirect calls in PAC-enabled functions
to be tailcalled incorrectly when all argument registers R0-R3 are used.

2024-02-07 Tejas Belagod <>

PR target/113780
* config/arm/ (arm_function_ok_for_sibcall): Don't allow tailcalls
for indirect calls with 4 or more arguments in pac-enabled functions.

* lib/target-supports.exp (v8_1m_main_pacbti): Add __ARM_FEATURE_PAUTH.
* New.
Tejas Belagod <> no 2024-02-19

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