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Status for gforth/0.7.3+dfsg-9

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
script-hashbang.patch Add a #!-line to the installed Forth scripts. Bdale Garbee <> no 2009-08-22
skip-install.patch Do not build and install the .elc and .info files. Peter Pentchev <> not-needed 2014-02-25
hppa-build.patch Fix the build on hppa. Andreas Barth <> no 2009-08-22
minus-number.patch An upstream patch to not accept "-" as a valid number. Anton Ertl <> no upstream; 2009-08-22
distclean.patch Add more autogenerated files to the "distclean" target Peter Pentchev <> no 2009-08-23
configure-assumptions.patch Correct some of the configure script's assumptions: Disable the unsupported build optimization of passing -m486 to gcc
Do not pass -Xlinker -N on hppa, it breaks the build.
Peter Pentchev <> no 2014-02-24
manpage.patch Fix the manual page syntax The .TQ macro does not expect the actual text as an argument! Peter Pentchev <> no 2009-08-23
qrnnd-build.patch Fix a FTBFS in sdiv_qrnnd() (only executed on s390) Peter Pentchev <> no 2009-09-05
elisp-auto-mode.patch Auto-activate forth-mode on loading Forth source files. Peter Pentchev <> no debian 2016-04-09
env-cflags.patch Pass the compiler/linker flags when building libcc stub objects. Peter Pentchev <> invalid 2016-04-07
typos.patch Correct some typographical and grammatical errors. Peter Pentchev <> invalid 2017-01-09
hppa.patch Fix the build on hppa/parisc. Helge Deller <> no debian 2017-01-12
double-const.patch Fix a harmless GCC 7 double const warning. Peter Pentchev <> no 2017-02-06

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