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Status for gfxboot/4.5.73-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-asprintf.patch Fix some non-exploitable buffer overflows in mkbootmsg (LP: #27011). Colin Watson <> no 2021-01-03
0002-ctype.patch Make sure to pass unsigned chars to isspace(), per the C standard; not doing so

can cause problems on powerpc and other architectures.
Colin Watson <> no 2021-01-03
0003-bdf.patch Try .bdf files in gfxboot-font. Colin Watson <> no 2021-01-03
0004-link-order.patch Fix link order with 'ld --as-needed' (Closes: #605771). Colin Watson <> no 2021-01-03
0005-buildflags.patch Avoid overwriting buildflags. Daniel Baumann <> no 2021-01-03
0006-syslinux-path.patch Updating syslinux paths (Closes: #682974). Daniel Baumann <> no 2021-01-03
0007-ttf-dejavu.patch gfxboot expects fonts to be in /usr/share/fonts/truetype et al,
not in subdirectories within like debian based systems do.

The proper fix is to make search_font() in gfxboot-font recursive,
however, for the time being we add the paths manually here.
Daniel Baumann <> no 2021-01-03
0008-adddir.patch Replacing adddir location with absolute name in order to allow to compile the

themes from any location, not just /usr/share/gfxboot/themes/foo.
Daniel Baumann <> no 2021-01-03
0009-gfxboot-pass-reproducible-and-owner-to-cpio.-Closes-.patch gfxboot: pass --reproducible and --owner to cpio. (Closes: #978946)
Apply fixes for reproducibilty, similar to:

See also:
Vagrant Cascadian <> no 2021-01-01
0010-gfxboot-avoid-including-the-.-directory-in-the-cpio-.patch gfxboot: avoid including the "." directory in the cpio archive. (Closes: #978946)

The "." directory is at best extraneous, and is a little trickier to
avoid a resulting embedded timestamp.

See also:
Vagrant Cascadian <> no 2021-01-03
0011-themes-example-Makefile-Set-time-on-files-in-example.patch themes/example*/Makefile: Set time on files in example themes using Makefile as a reference time. (Closes: #978946)

Similar to fixes applied in other themes:

See also:
Vagrant Cascadian <> no 2021-01-01
0012-changelog.upstream-Add-changelog-for-upstream-versio.patch changelog.upstream: Add changelog for upstream version 4.5.73. Vagrant Cascadian <> no 2021-01-03
0013-themes-example-Makefile-Use-the-.bc-files-as-a-refer.patch themes/example*/Makefile: Use the .bc files as a reference date. (Closes: #978946)

Apparently the Makefile might be modified during the build.
Vagrant Cascadian <> no 2021-01-04

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